Our First Look Reviews page is home to articles on smart products we have physically seen but have not yet been reviewed by Smarter Home Automation. Consider us your “first look” into all things home automation, smart home, connected home, and assorted smart gear and gadgets. Here, you can learn about the latest trends in technology as it relates to the smart home, and receive help when shopping for home automation products. Explore the pros and cons of each product, gaining all the information that you will find pertinent when shopping for your smart home.

With the surge of home automation products on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to start. At Smarter Home Automation, we strive to make deciding on a product more manageable for you. Everyone’s needs are different – based largely on preference and practicality – and we seek to provide all of the information you need when shopping for your smart home. While our reviews provide in-depth analysis about the features of smart home products, this page aims to give you a brief overview of home automation gadgets so you can deduce whether a product is worth your time to research further or not.

On this page, you will gain access to articles that discuss the basic features of each product, how it connects to your smartphone and other smart devices, compatibility with personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the Google Home, as well as pricing and availability. Each article seeks to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision when purchasing a new product, so that you can choose the home automation product that is right for you. Check out the articles on this page, or hop on over to our Smart Home Reviews page to see all products that have been reviewed by Smarter Home Automation.

Latest Reviews, Articles, and Videos

FLIR ONE Smartphone Thermal Imaging

By Nikki Kahl | February 14, 2017
FLIR aims to raise the scope of human vision to a whole new level. A company that specializes in increasing our awareness and perception, FLIR has a whole host of systems ranging from thermal ...

Review – myLink Controller and App for Somfy Motorized Shades

By Nikki Kahl | February 7, 2017
Somfy myLink controls our motorized shades. Somfy isn’t a household name. That’s because they make the motors for many products including motorized shades, curtains, shade screens, and, where I ...

Schlage Camelot 619 Smart Lock Review

By Art Feierman | December 28, 2016
The Schlage Camelot 619 is the third Smart Lock that I’ve reviewed.  It is a Z-Wave based lock, which I installed and have been using in our “dream home” – aka our Smart ...

Ilumi – The Smartest, Most Talented LED Lightbulb – Review

By Dave Duncan | December 17, 2016
“The Worlds Smartest Light Bulb”, is one lofty tagline. Ilumi’s lights featuring Bluetooth Mesh technology, on board ( yes in the bulb) processing and memory,  deliver on just ...
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