Our First Look Reviews page is home to articles and information on smart products we have physically seen but have not been reviewed here at Smarter Home Automation. A First Look review will provide most standard info on a new product, but is designed to be more insightful than just looking at the particular home automation manufacturer’s marketing sheet.  We will try to provide extra info that adds perspective, rather than hype.  These overviews will naturally be shorter, less in-depth, than our full Smart Home Reviews.

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Consider us your “first look” into all things home automation, smart home, connected home, and assorted smart gear and gadgets. On our site you can learn about the latest trends in technology as it relates to the smart home.  (We are not a dealer!) Our content should help you when shopping for home automation products.

With all the interest in home automation, and the surge of home automation products for your smart home, our goal at Smarter Home Automation, is to make deciding on a product more manageable for you. Everyone’s needs are different – based largely on preference and practicality – so we seek to provide the type of information and insights you need when shopping for your smart home. The first look reviews found on this page will provide you with a brief overview of home automation gadgets so you can deduce whether a particular product is worth your time to research further or not.

In our First Look Reviews found here, you’ll typically learn about the compatibility with personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the Google Home, as well as pricing and availability. Check out the articles on this page, or hop on over to our Smart Home Reviews page to see all products that have full length reviews by our reviewers.

Latest Reviews, Articles, and Videos

MantleMount MM850 Automated TV Mount Makes Watching TV A Comfortable Affair

By Nikki Kahl | September 15, 2017
Kinked necks and sore shoulder muscles are a thing of the past with MantleMount’s MM850, their first automated TV mount. So many have fallen victim to ill placement of a TV due to space ...

Savant TrueImage Adds a Personal Touch to Home Automation

By Nikki Kahl | September 13, 2017
Savant, a leader in smart technology, unveiled their next generation TrueImage lighting software at CEDIA 2017. Savant Systems serves the luxury and mid-markets, but their product line extends ...

Smart Locks for Rentals – August Home Partners with HomeAway

By Nikki Kahl | August 14, 2017
HomeAway, AirBnB, and services like it are quite possibly the most comfortable lodging options for vacationers. These services allow you to choose from a variety of different homes that real ...

HomePod – Apple’s Answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home

By Nikki Kahl | June 7, 2017
Apple introduced consumers to the concept of a pocket personal assistant back in 2010, when Siri was integrated into the already-beloved iPhone. With the advent of personal assistants for the ...

August Smart Lock Pro – The Smart Lock Solution for Professionals

By Nikki Kahl | April 4, 2017
August Home, a premium smart lock manufacturer, has just released the newest August Smart Lock – the August Smart Lock Pro. This lock is Z-Wave compatible and is geared toward the ...

AirBar Touchscreen Sensor For MacBook Air Hits The Market

By Nikki Kahl | March 17, 2017
Transform your beloved MacBook Air into a touchscreen computer with the AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for MacBook Air. Neonode, a company specializing in the development of advanced optical sensors ...

August Smart Lock Mortise Kit – Property Developers and Owners Rejoice

By Nikki Kahl | March 16, 2017
There has been a high demand for Mortise smart locks in North America, and until now, property developers have had slim pickings or none at all. August Home seeks to remedy that with their smart ...

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors – Audio Quality Meets Fashion

By Nikki Kahl | March 15, 2017
1More is a high-end audio company dedicated to bringing hi-fi sound and comfort to the ears of consumers everywhere. “Quality, affordability, style and community” are always in the minds of the ...

Ooma Home Monitoring System – DIY Smart Home Security

By Nikki Kahl | February 21, 2017
The Ooma Home Monitoring System is a smart home security solution for do-it-yourselfers. Ooma, known for Ooma Telo and their recently announced Ooma Internet Security, has come out with an ...

FLIR ONE Smartphone Thermal Imaging Attachable Camera

By Nikki Kahl | February 14, 2017
FLIR aims to raise the scope of human vision to a whole new level. A company that specializes in increasing our awareness and perception, FLIR has a whole host of systems ranging from thermal ...

Review – myLink Controller and App for Somfy Motorized Shades

By Nikki Kahl | February 7, 2017
Somfy myLink controls our motorized shades. Somfy isn’t a household name. That’s because they make the motors for many products including motorized shades, curtains, shade screens, and, where I ...

Nanoleaf Aurora – The Art of Smart Lighting Design

By Nikki Kahl | February 1, 2017
Smart lighting is a popular choice for many homes, but how about artistic smart lighting? Nanoleaf Aurora is possibly the most innovative and impressive way to bring smart lighting into your ...

Ilumi Smartstrip Makes Smart Lighting Fun For All Ages

By Nikki Kahl | January 31, 2017
The ilumi Smartstrip is a millennial’s dream. Smart lighting is fun on its own, but with the new ilumi Smartstrip, you can transform your home or apartment into a mini-rave. The company has ...

Eve Wall Switch Teams Up With Apple Siri For Voice Lighting Control

By Nikki Kahl | January 25, 2017
One the world’s first HomeKit enabled light switches has stepped out into the spotlight. Elgato Eve has surpassed the competition with the Eve Light Switch, a smart home automation solution that ...

Securifi Almond 3 Router and Hub – Tackles Threat Of Botnet Attacks

By Nikki Kahl | January 25, 2017
Security has been breached on a number of internet-connected devices over the last year in large-scale botnet attacks. A quick Google search on “Mirai Botnet” will turn up a plethora of ...

Qube Smart Bulb and Qube Smart Light Strip – Affordable Smart Lighting

By Nikki Kahl | January 25, 2017
The Qube Smart Bulb and Qube Smart Light Strip with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have arrived to make smart home lighting more cost-effective. These color lights may have been “just another smart light” ...

Canary Flex – 360 Degrees of HD Smart Home Security

By Nikki Kahl | January 23, 2017
Meet the Canary Flex, a 360 degree HD security camera with crystal clear audio, placement flexibility, and a sleek design. The small camera is housed in a black or white case measuring 4.35 ...

Ember Mug – The Smart Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug

By Nikki Kahl | January 20, 2017
The days of too-hot or lukewarm beverages are over. Ember mug, the world’s first temperature controlled mug, uses an app to adjust its contents’ temperature to your preferred heat. Too hot? Ember ...

Wemo Dimmer and Wemo Mini by Belkin – Integrated Smart Home System

By Nikki Kahl | January 20, 2017
Welcome the two newest additions to the Belkin Wemo product lineup, the Wemo Dimmer and the Wemo Mini, a smart plug solution. Belkin’s Wemo line seeks to provide home automation users with an ...

Schlage Camelot 619 Z-Wave Smart Lock – A Review

By Art Feierman | December 28, 2016
The Schlage Camelot 619 is the third Smart Lock that I’ve reviewed.  It is a Z-Wave based lock, which I installed and have been using in our “dream home” – aka our Smart ...

Ilumi – The Smartest, Most Talented LED Lightbulb – A Review

By Dave Duncan | December 17, 2016
“The Worlds Smartest Light Bulb”, is one lofty tagline. Ilumi’s lights featuring Bluetooth Mesh technology, on board ( yes in the bulb) processing and memory,  deliver on just ...
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