Apple HomeKit is Apple’s name for their Smart Home Automation platform – aka ecosystem.  Apple HomeKit has a set of created standards for 3rd party products to adhere to, in order to be able to work within the Apple ecosystem.  That includes being voice controlled by Siri, Apple’s personal assistant.

A significant number of major companies/players in the home automation industry have announced support for Apple HomeKit.  Some already have products that will work, others will be bringing out newer models that will.  These products span many areas, from smart locks, to smart lighting, to smart thermostats.

Apple HomeKit ImageSome of the players that are on board (have announced support or are already shipping):  Lutron (lighting), Philips Hue – color and white lighting, LIFX – smart Wifi lighting, Kwikset smart locks.  Then there’s iDevices with four products including a smart thermostat.  Speaking of smart thermostats, Honeywell’s Lyric line of smart thermostats, and there’s also the Ecobee3, which we have already reviewed, and which is the most direct competition to Nest.  First Alert offers compatible smoke detectors and other sensors.  The list goes on.

Once again, Apple isn’t trying to be first, only best.  Time will tell.

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