Bluetooth is a wireless technology, which as WiFi, is being used for smart home automation to connect devices and control them with apps. Bluetooth is an evolving standard. Bluetooth LE – one standard, is a Low Energy standard, although Bluetooth LE is sometimes called Bluetooth Smart.

Bluetooth LogoBluetooth is evolving into being mesh capable. Mesh is a major enhancement, (already used in other protocols such as Z-Wave), as each device becomes a repeater, so the more mesh devices, the more bullet proof your network. That’s the opposite of other solutions such as WiFi. It should be mentioned that WiFi really needs a new standard that uses mesh networking, as unreliable WiFi is a major challenge in any Smart Home.

At this time, Bluetooth is really for single room automation, rather than a whole home solution, since the range of Bluetooth’s signal tends to be around thirty feet or so. There are Bluetooth range extenders, which can extend the range beyond 100 feet.

Latest Reviews, Articles, and Videos

Ilumi Smartstrip Makes Smart Lighting Fun

By Nikki Kahl | January 31, 2017
The ilumi Smartstrip is a millennial’s dream. Smart lighting is fun on its own, but with the new ilumi Smartstrip, you can transform your home or apartment into a mini-rave. The company has ...

Eve Wall Switch Teams Up With Siri

By Nikki Kahl | January 25, 2017
One the world’s first HomeKit enabled light switches has stepped out into the spotlight. Elgato Eve has surpassed the competition with the Eve Light Switch, a smart home automation solution that ...

Qube Smart Bulb and Qube Smart Light Strip

By Nikki Kahl | January 25, 2017
The Qube Smart Bulb and Qube Smart Light Strip with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have arrived to make smart home lighting more cost-effective. These color lights may have been “just another smart light” ...

Canary Flex – 360 Degree HD Security

By Nikki Kahl | January 23, 2017
Meet the Canary Flex, a 360 degree HD security camera with crystal clear audio, placement flexibility, and a sleek design. The small camera is housed in a black or white case measuring 4.35 ...

Baldwin Evolved – The Elegant Smart Lock

By Nikki Kahl | January 18, 2017
Home automation meets high-end in the new Baldwin Evolved. The latest addition to the Baldwin Hardware line, the Baldwin Evolved uses Kevo technology and comes in eighteen beautiful and fully ...

Eve Motion Sensor Uses HomeKit

By Nikki Kahl | January 16, 2017
Meet the Elgato Eve Motion Sensor, one of the first wireless motion sensors with HomeKit technology. Elgato’s claim to fame in the home automation arena is their exclusive use of HomeKit, ...

Ilumi – The Smartest, Most Talented LED Lightbulb – Review

By Dave Duncan | December 17, 2016
“The Worlds Smartest Light Bulb”, is one lofty tagline. Ilumi’s lights featuring Bluetooth Mesh technology, on board ( yes in the bulb) processing and memory,  deliver on just ...

Amazon Echo and Echo Dots: Use Them to control an Entire Smart Home

By Art Feierman | October 13, 2016
The Amazon Echo is a great device for many purposes, especially controlling home automation gear.  Adding Amazon Echo Dots makes life better.  Music, news, other capabilities are cool but ...

Eve Energy HomeKit Outlet Measures Energy Usage – Review

By Jake Zelinger | September 26, 2016
We’ve reviewed smart outlets for the smart home before, but the Eve Energy is unique due to Apple HomeKit compatibility, which allows voice control using Siri, and massive in-app features. With ...

Wink Hub Review – Nest, Google, Echo and More!

By Dave Duncan | July 22, 2016
Can the Wink hub do it all? Is it the right smart hub for you? Will it connect to your home automation products? I hope this review will answer those questions and more. Home automation is ...

SengLED Pulse Solo Smart LED Light Bulb with Speakers – Review

By Jake Zelinger | July 15, 2016
A $59.99 smart LED bulb is nothing unusual but what sets this SengLED Pulse Solo apart is the pair of built in JBL speakers. A single room smart LED bulb that plays music, in stereo, straight ...

Kwikset Kevo Plus Remote Locking Service for Bluetooth Deadbolt

By Lisa Feierman | May 4, 2016
The Kevo Plus is a remote locking service offered for the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth deadbolt lock. We wanted to report on the Kevo + (Plus), the companion to Kwikset’s Kevo Smart Deadbolt Lock ...

BeON Home Smart Light Bulb and Home Protection System

By Lisa Feierman | May 1, 2016
The BeON Home is part-smart light bulb, part-home protection system! The idea is for your house when you’re home to be virtually indistinguishable from your house when you’re away on vacation. ...
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