Crestron is the 800 pound gorilla of old school smart home automation (and commercial automation). They do everything from top one-percenters’ homes, to command and control systems at NASA.

Many smart televisions and projectors support Crestron, allowing command and control remotely, as well as many other capabilities. It’s major downside is that it is proprietary. It’s a closed system and very expensive – you can easily spend $100K or more (a lot more) on a Crestron system to control your McMansion.

Apple iPad App for CrestronCrestron will be found in many multimillion-dollar homes that have smart home automation. Dealers typically custom program the setup, so that everything is personalized. Mostly Crestron is for the rich and famous, not for us – we don’t anticipate spending much time on these old school solutions. That said, Crestron and other high end “old school” players are expanding their lines downward a bit to capture a larger slice of the market, but many of those dealers are still primarily looking for the rich and famous clients.

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