Google has brought some rather interesting contrast to the smart home automation mix, with their personal assistant, Google Home. The device itself is roughly half the size of Amazon Echo, and has an attractive design that is customizable. The bottom piece comes off and can be replaced with one that is a color which matches your interior design.

Google Home ImageGoogle Home has access to the world’s largest search engine – you guessed it – Google. You can ask it nearly anything you’d like and receive a good response because it’s tapping into the vast collection of information on Google’s servers. The personal assistant is equipped to let you to speak in normal language, and is capable of having natural conversations with you.

Google Home comes with a host of features. Sign into Google, and the Google Home will know quite a bit of information about you. You can check out your upcoming appointments, or your shopping list – but it only works with one Google account at a time. It has a decent speaker, and works with Chromecast, Nest, Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings. That’s all it can pair with for now, but there are many improvements that will be made in the future.

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