When choosing a new product, having all of the facts can mean the difference between a home automation gadget that fits in seamlessly with your existing smart home network and one that is little more than a disappointment. Does the product work with Amazon Echo, HomeKit or Google Home? Is it compatible with other smart home products, such as Google Nest Learning Thermostat? Will I have to use the product’s app exclusively? Is the connectivity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? These are some questions you may have that we seek to answer.

Whether you’re looking for a single-room smart colored light bulb, a whole network of smart light bulbs and smart light strips, a new smart home security system, smart locks, or smart robotic vacuum to replace your dinosaur model – we’ve got you covered. Our in-depth reviews contain specialized knowledge by seasoned reviewers who are smart home lovers themselves. We keep up to date on the newest products in the industry, traveling far and wide to home automation conventions such as CED to stay on top of the latest trends.

This page includes all smart home, home automation, connected home, and assorted gear/ gadgets reviews by Smarter Home Automation, listed in chronological order. Each review details the triumphs and pitfalls of the products in question, giving you all the information you need when choosing the smart home automation product that best fits your interest.   As we continue to ramp up smarterhomeautomation.com our goal is to publish 4-6 new reviews a month.

Latest Reviews, Articles, and Videos

SkyBell HD Video Doorbell Review – A Full HD Smart Doorbell

By Dave Duncan | July 30, 2017
The SkyBell HD is a great piece of home security tech that allows you to always know who is at your door. Equipped with a motion sensor and an HD camera, the SkyBell HD will keep a look out ...

Notifi – video doorbell system – The Review

By Dave Duncan | July 16, 2017
Answer your door at the flick of an app when you are home or away.  The Notifi video doorbell system from HeathZenith will send you notifications every time your doorbell rings.  The smartphone ...

Wink Hub 2 – The Next Generation Smart Hub Review

By Dave Duncan | May 9, 2017
Wink Hub 2 is the next generation of one of the best home automation hubs on the Market. Now with more horse power and an all new form factor.  Wink is still at the top of their game, delivering ...

Google Home, Voice Activated Assistant – The Review

By Dave Duncan | April 22, 2017
Google Home is coming on strong Google Home is far more than just a voice activated speaker.  Powered by the Google Assistant,  it offers voice control for your home, your music and your latest ...

Kevo Plus Gateway by Kwikset Introduces Remote Locking – A Review

By Nikki Kahl | February 28, 2017
Kwikset is a well known lock manufacturer with a big presence in the home automation industry, thanks to their smart lock technology. The Kevo Plus is an accessory for the Kevo smart lock which ...

Review – myLink Controller and App for Somfy Motorized Shades

By Nikki Kahl | February 7, 2017
Somfy myLink controls our motorized shades. Somfy isn’t a household name. That’s because they make the motors for many products including motorized shades, curtains, shade screens, and, where I ...

Schlage Camelot 619 Z-Wave Smart Lock – A Review

By Art Feierman | December 28, 2016
The Schlage Camelot 619 is the third Smart Lock that I’ve reviewed.  It is a Z-Wave based lock, which I installed and have been using in our “dream home” – aka our Smart ...

Ilumi – The Smartest, Most Talented LED Lightbulb – A Review

By Dave Duncan | December 17, 2016
“The Worlds Smartest Light Bulb”, is one lofty tagline. Ilumi’s lights featuring Bluetooth Mesh technology, on board ( yes in the bulb) processing and memory,  deliver on just ...

Amazon Echo Dot Extends Alexa’s Reach To Every Room – A Review

By Dave Duncan | November 23, 2016
The all new Alexa powered, Amazon Echo Dot is great option to bring the power of your voice to every room in your home.  The Amazon Echo has been wildly successful.  It is the first free standing ...

Nest Thermostat Review – 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

By Dave Duncan | October 13, 2016
Nest is the trendsetter in the thermostat space.  The original smart thermostat, they are now on their 3rd generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat and still delivering features and ...

Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting and Smart Bridge Review with HomeKit

By Art Feierman | October 6, 2016
In our review of the Lutron Caseta wireless system, we will discuss their Smart Bridge, individual dimmers and switches, interfacing their Smart Bridge with your Wifi, and of course, installing ...

Eve Energy HomeKit Outlet Measures Energy Usage – Review

By Jake Zelinger | September 26, 2016
We’ve reviewed smart outlets for the smart home before, but the Eve Energy is unique due to Apple HomeKit compatibility, which allows voice control using Siri, and massive in-app features. With ...

1More Triple Driver Premium Ear Buds – Model E1001 – A Review

By Art Feierman | September 13, 2016
The 1More triple driver ear buds (with mic and controls) that I received couldn’t have come a day too soon.  These produce serious sound – unlike Apple earbuds (or for that matter, the ear ...

AMAZON ECHO – Voice Control For Your Smart Home – A Review

By Dave Duncan | September 1, 2016
Amazon Echo is a voice activated personal assistant, and so much more.  Designed to deliver superb voice control and instant access to information, including music, it can make your life easier ...

Wink Hub Review – Nest, Google, Echo and More!

By Dave Duncan | July 22, 2016
Can the Wink hub do it all? Is it the right smart hub for you? Will it connect to your home automation products? I hope this review will answer those questions and more. Home automation is ...

SengLED Pulse Solo Smart LED Light Bulb with JBL Speakers – Review

By Jake Zelinger | July 15, 2016
A $59.99 smart LED bulb is nothing unusual but what sets this SengLED Pulse Solo apart is the pair of built in JBL speakers. A single room smart LED bulb that plays music, in stereo, straight ...

Ecobee3 – The Smart Thermostat for Everyone – A Review

By Art Feierman | March 27, 2016
The Ecobee3 is one very smart thermostat, and, it’s also worldly and friendly!  The Ecobee3 relies on Wifi for communications, so that you can control it from the provided App that you can ...

Belkin WeMo Insight 2 Smart Switch/Outlet measures Energy Usage – A Review

By Art Feierman | March 11, 2016
The Belkin Insight is an external power outlet and switch. It has a suggested list price (in the US) of $49.99. A less expensive but similar switch, without energy monitoring is available from ...

SureCall EZ 4G Cell Signal Booster Antenna Review

By Art Feierman | February 22, 2016
SureCall EZ 4G for the home (or office) that may have everything – well, everything but a decent strength cell signal for smart phones and other devices. In our review we will first provide ...

Zipato RGBW Smart Light Bulb Review – Z-Wave Compatible

By Art Feierman | January 16, 2016
Zipato Smart RGB+W bulbs offer excellent color capabilities, and also very good cool or warm white! This smart bulb review starts with an overview, not just of the Zipato smart color bulbs, but ...

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Review

By Lisa Feierman | October 29, 2015
Page 1 of the Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Review: Hi all! I’m Lisa, daughter of Smarter Home Automation/Projector Reviews founder, Art. I received the Philips Hue personal ...

MagicLight Smart RGBW Bluetooth Light Bulb Review

By Art Feierman | August 21, 2015
The MagicLight Smart RGBW bulb proves to be a pleasant surprise.  Available from Amazon for slightly less than $30, the MagicLight light uses Bluetooth which makes it interesting, both in ...

Nexia Bridge Review – Z-Wave Home Automation Controller

By Art Feierman | July 31, 2015
Six weeks ago a Nexia Bridge controller replaced the HomeSeer controller I had been playing with for many months. The HomeSeer is a bit old, so I didn’t want to launch this, our new site with a ...

Kwikset SmartCode 916 Z-Wave Front Door Lock Review

By Art Feierman | July 19, 2015
With this review of the Kwikset SmartCode 916, we have entered the world of networkable smart door locks. This Kwikset lock supports Z-Wave or Zigbee, depending on how you set it up. We’re using ...

SengLED Pulse Review – Smart Flood LED Light with JBL Speaker

By Art Feierman | April 9, 2015
The Pulse puts smart Dimmable LED lighting and JBL sound in your ceiling! Other places too!
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