Cemtrex Smart Desk CES 2019 Pepcom Digital Experience Las Vegas 2019

The Cemtrex Smart Desk is next level technology, taking a common workspace and transforming it into the desk of the future. We had the privilege of viewing a demonstration of this smart desk at the Pepcom Digital Experience on Monday night, the day before CES 2019 opened to the public. At this press-only event, we got to see the features of the Cemtrex Smart Desk in action, and were impressed with the technology.

The Basics

The Cemtrex Smart Desk is an adjustable sit or stand desk so that you can choose the position that is most comfortable to you at any given moment. It’s motorized to make the transition between positions easy and hassle-free. It has a high-powered computer built in directly to the desk itself, with three monitors to help get your complex projects done fast. Its keyboard and trackpad are flush with the surface of the desk, making this workspace sleek and modern with a futuristic vibe.

The Features

Cemtrex Smart Desk Integrated Keyboard Gesture System Desktop Wireless Charger

Those three monitors do more than give you 72” of desktop – each is a fully functional touch screen, making your work experience more intuitive. But, Cemtrex doesn’t stop there. They have a proprietary “gesture system” that allows you to make gestures to control your workflow. You can manage your windows, scroll, zoom, copy and paste, take screenshots, and navigate with a few simple gestures, in a fashion reminiscent of Iron Man, all thanks to the sensor embedded into the desk directly in front of the keyboard.

There is a circular port on the right side of the desk that allows the user to wirelessly charge their smart phone, should your phone have the capability to do so. It even has integrated earbuds so that you can manage your office and smart phone from the desk, and call, text, or mirror your phones without ever touching them. The Cemtrex Smart Desk has a seamless scanning system that allows you to simply lay your document on the surface of the desk, click within the scanning program, and import it directly into the computer. Now that’s smart stuff!


The Cemtrex Smart Desk comes in two versions, one entry-level and one higher-end model, each with some slight variance in specifications. The entry-level model goes for $4,499, while the higher-end model goes for $5,299. For a full breakdown of the Cemtrex Smart Desk’s specs, click here.

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