We’re taking a look here at three products that are part of Elgato’s Eve lineup of smart home products:  The Eve Thermo, Eve Room, and Eve Energy. The Eve line is Apple HomeKit compatible.

Elgato is a European company, and as a result, sometimes their products show up there first. This is the likely story in the case of one of the products we’re discussing here, the Thermo. We’ll start with it:

Eve Thermo

The Eve Thermo allows for direct control of your radiator. We’re located in  in sunny California, and as is the case in most houses out here heat comes from hot air vents not in room radiators.   However, back east where I grew up–especially in the big cities–radiator heat is/or was, very popular (just ask my daughter, Lisa, who lives in Manhattan and has several in her apartment). Well, if this product was available and she owned (which means she could trade out the nozzle on her radiator), the Thermo would probably be ideal.

Basically, the Eve Thermo replaces the standard hand-turned valve on the traditional radiator. It is a motorized and smart device, so it can be tied to a thermostat or controlled by voice or apps to manage the temperature–much as you would turn on and off a regular heater just about anyplace else. This is the only product I’ve heard of that really solves that problem for an individual radiator, and that makes it pretty cool… Or pretty hot, as the case actually may be. So chalk that up as one of the more interesting new products out there.

Their website still currently says the Thermo is not available in the United States yet. Whether it’s coming or never will, we can’t say for sure–but it’s too cool not to mention! Pricing we found is £59.95.

Eve Room

Eve’s Room, as you can see here, is a small sensor that doesn’t look very different from so many others out there: it’s finished in a nice white. It checks up on the temperature in your room. That doesn’t sound so impressive, does it? But it also checks on the humidity! Okay, nice touch.

What really sets it apart from the average products out there is that it also checks your air quality by measuring CO2 (carbon dioxide) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released from people, pets, and household objects that can cause irritation, headaches, tiredness, and dizziness (sometimes called “sick building syndrome”).

The Eve Room, along with the entire Eve product line is Apple Homekit compatible and is equipped for voice-control for the basics. However, Siri won’t yet recite stats back to you or even understand some of the things you’re asking about (like the CO2 reading), but you can get that information off the app. The bottom line is you can check out your room and make sure the air quality is good.

We’re hoping to review the Eve Room soon, and we’ve requested 2 so that we can put them in different rooms and compare the air quality in real-time.

The Room sells for $79.95.

Eve Energy

The last product we’ll discuss here today is the Eve Energy. Energy is a device you plug into your wall outlet, and then you plug your lamp or other device into it. That is hardly an uncommon product out there right now. In fact, we recently reviewed Belkin’s WeMo Insight.

Like the Insight, the Energy also tracks your energy usage and will tell you how much you’re using in real-time and monthly. No doubt I’ll learn more about it when it comes in for review.

The reason I picked this one out to discuss is because it does one thing that that the Belkin WeMo Insight doesn’t do–and that is that Belkin has not yet committed to Apple HomeKit. I can control my WeMo devices inside my house using my Amazon Echo, but I cannot talk to them using Siri.  Belkin has not committed to their future products supporting Apple HomeKit and Siri, so that definitely will make the Eve Energy, more attractive to smart homes geared around Apple and the Siri personal assistant.  Being an Apple person myself, I’m planning on having a few outlets in my house that I can control by voice using Siri.  The Eve Energy is a likely choice.

The Energy’s price tag is $49.95.

Other Eve Products

There are two other products in the Elgato Eve line: the Eve Weather:  Mount it outside, where it will monitor your backyard temperature, humidity, and air pressure.  There is also the Eve Door & Window (monitors the open/close state of your door or window).

looks like Elgato has an interesting product lineup in its Eve collection.

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