Kevo Plus lock, app, and gateway

The Kevo Plus is a remote locking service offered for the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth deadbolt lock.

We wanted to report on the Kevo + (Plus), the companion to Kwikset’s Kevo Smart Deadbolt Lock (with keyless Bluetooth touch entry) that we previously reviewed. It  was a major hit with the family when it was installed in our front door as part of our Dream Home Project.

We expect to be reviewing the Kevo Plus soon, so you get a more complete sense of how they work together.  That review will be posted separately. A Kevo Plus has already arrived, it just has to be worked into the schedule.

The Kevo Plus

Kwikset now has a Kevo Plus, which adds connectivity to your Kevo lock so that it can be monitored and locked/unlocked remotely via their Kevo App (or via their website, if for some reason, you can’t access your smartphone containing the app).

Very important to note is just HOW the Kevo Plus works – it includes a “Bluetooth Gateway” device plugs right into your Wi-Fi router’s Ethernet port, not into the lock itself, to work with the regular Bluetooth Kevo lock. All you need is power, an active Wi-Fi router with an open Ethernet port, and the lock/Gateway!

The service (and the Bluetooth Gateway device) is available for a one-time fee—no monthly charge—of $69.99.

Features of the Kevo lock and Kevo Plus system, in tandem:

  • Touch-to-open keyless entry with Bluetooth-enabled device in range
  • Alerts – be notified when your door is locked and unlocked (great for keeping tabs on home service providers like construction workers, babysitters, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring and history
  • eKey User Management and Guest eKeys – you can give Guest eKeys (unrestricted 24-hour access), Scheduled eKeys (pre-set time constraints of access, great for home service providers), and Anytime eKeys (never expires, for household members). Many of these can be reassigned from one person to another!
  • Bluetooth Gateway plugs right into your Wi-Fi router
  • Remote lock and unlock capabilities – never worry about whether you forgot to lock the front door again!

For the Kevo Plus review, besides looking at the app’s functionality, we will take a look at how distance plays a role between the Kevo and Kevo Plus.  That’s because the Kevo Plus must be plugged into your Wifi Router, but it has to be within Bluetooth range of the lock itself.  Kwikset indicates it could work up to 100 feet – but that’s usually Bluetooth at its best not passing through doors and walls.  We shall see.  In our dream home, our router is upstairs, while Wifi extenders cover the downstairs.  There are a couple of walls and a floor between our front door, and where the Kevo Plus will be plugged in.  If it works in our house, it should work in all but the real McMansions.  The Kevo Plus has been shipping since late 2015, I believe so my assumption – for now – is that it’s working well in most people’s homes.

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