oledcomm lifimax at ces 2019

Oledcomm has reinvented high-speed internet as we know it. WiFi signals are transmitted via waves that are more condensed than radio waves, but longer than microwaves, and the result is that we get to surf the web from our computers, smart phones, and tablets with ease. Oledcomm LiFiMAX is a reimagining of the way we get our internet – through waves of invisible light, which is a whole other side of the spectrum.

The Basics

The Oledcomm LiFiMax system uses a single access point that can be mounted on the ceiling of your workspace. This works for a home office, co-working space, or conference room. Via a plug-and-play dongle, up to 16 users can use the internet simultaneously.

The Features

Using waves of invisible light rather than radio waves, the LiFiMax system provides highly secured, high-speed internet to multiple users within an office space. It features 100Mbps downlink speeds, and easy installation so that you can be up and running fast.

oledcomm lifimax invisible light system dongle ces 2019

The dongle can be used with Linux, Windows, MacBook with USB Type A and USB Type C Ports. It connects via USB and looks like a small, circular disk with a matte-black receiver on top to receive the invisible light from the access point. You’ll have internet regardless of how much visible light is in the room, so no worries there if you need to dim the lights for a presentation with a projector!


  • Highly Secured Internet Access
  • Radio-Wave Free – Uses Invisible Light
  • 100Mbps Downlink
  • Easy Installation
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, MacBook with USB Type A and USB Type C Ports
  • Up to 16 Simultaneous Users
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