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A new term that’s been introduced to our cultural lexicon is “porch pirate,” or someone who steals Amazon packages from your doorstep. But you no longer have to worry about parcel theft or anything else thanks to innovative leaps in doorbell technology, such as the smart doorbell product line from Remo+. They offer more than just a line of security cameras and home security — they offer you the comfort of knowing your home is safe.


The RemoBell can be installed in minutes as it runs on six AA batteries, so you don’t have to bother with electrical wiring or plugs. If someone triggers the motion sensor or rings the RemoBell, you’ll get an instant alert on your phone, whether you have Android or iPhone. You can then view your visitor in HD video and even speak to them using the two-way audio interface.

All video is uploaded to the cloud within 30 days, so you can view missed encounters from a smart device, such as a phone or tablet. With added weather resistance, infrared night vision, a lifetime theft guarantee, and bank-level data protection, the RemoBell is a great blend of versatility and security.

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Being lighter and slimmer, the RemoBell W is a bit more sleek. Not only does it record in full HD 1080p, it has a wider viewing angle (160º) and it’s also encrypted with WEP, WPA and WPA2. It does require hardwire installation, but it will save you money on batteries.

Remo DoorCam

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The DoorCam won an Honoree Award at the 2018 CES Awards and there’s a reason for that. To install it, all you have to do is slip it over the top of any standard residential door and voila! You now have a battery-powered HD security camera. It’ll work on your front door, in your dorm, your bedroom or wherever else it will fit.

Like the RemoBell, it offers night vision, two-way audio and cloud recording. And it also has a motion sensor, so that the instant it’s triggered, you’ll receive an alert on your phone, meaning you never have to stress about who’s approaching your door.

Remo+ Chime

Remo+ Chime

Now that you’ve got a nifty, new, and secure RemoBell, you might want to give it a unique chime. Something personal that says

The Remo+ Chime offers multiple alert tones, and works with any Remo+ device. It’s a Wi-Fi connected, weather resistant plug that fits into any USB charger, so you can have the chime notify you in any room in the house.

It’s also great for people who are hard of hearing, as its volume goes as loud as 90db. And to top it all off, it has a limited one-year warranty.

Pricing and Availability

It may seem like doorbells are an odd choice for the smart home market to expand to, but when you consider the added security it brings to your home, it really does make sense. And the idea of installing a bunch of security cameras may seem like a daunting task with a lot of drilling – this way, you can skip all that (and view video on your phone).

Thanks to Remo+, they make home security simple, easy to install and a breeze to monitor from anywhere. You can buy the Remo+ line at their website and on Amazon. The DoorCam is $199, while the RemoBell is $149 ($123 on Amazon). The RemoBell W and Remo+ Chime are not yet listed online, as they were first introduced at CES 2018.

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