1More is a manufacturer of ear buds and wireless ear buds, made in China.  We chose to bring in a pair for review because their more expensive models are significantly, sonically superior to the basic low cost buds that come with iPhones, or that most folks buy for $30 or less.

Here at Smarter Home Automation, we’ve got an audiophile background, appreciating higher quality sound systems for every day use, and of course in the home theater (where of course we review projectors on our Projectorreviews.com website).

1More Logo1More’s ear buds often use multiple drivers for more frequency range.  Our plans included reviewing their wireless Bluetooth ear buds that will work with Apple’s new headphone jack free iPhone 7.

After being extremely pleased with the quality of the first pair we reviewed, along with accessories and high quality packaging, we look forward to reviewing other 1More buds, as well as other brands of buds, in the future.



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