Originally a developer of personal computers, Apple Inc. has exploded in recent years as a leading provided of smart home automation, and smart products in general. Apple’s personal assistant lives in the pocket of every iPhone user, and now has been integrated into the latest OS update for all Mac computers.

Apple LogoApple HomeKit rivals Amazon Echo, allowing control of multiple devices from your iPhone, iPad and even AppleTV. Apple is compatible with a variety of smart home products, such as lights, door locks, thermostats, window shades, security, cameras, doorbells, air purifiers, humidifiers and conditioners, sensors, garage doors, fans and wall outlets.



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Apple Watch 1 Now $149 at Walmart

By Nikki Kahl | April 25, 2018
Apple users rejoice! The original Apple Watch, once $349 for the 38mm version, $399 for the 42mm, you can now get this piece of tech for just $149 at Walmart. This limited time offer gives a 40% ...

Apple HomePod Siri Enabled Smart Speaker – A Smart Buy?

By Nikki Kahl | February 7, 2018
With the delivery date of the Apple HomePod fast approaching, Siri users are eager for Apple’s addition to the smart personal assistant game. The long-awaited HomePod has been available for ...

Apple HomePod Pre-Order Available Now!

By Nikki Kahl | January 26, 2018
It’s the moment all Apple-lovers have been waiting for – the Apple HomePod has become available for pre-order! The HomePod is Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled line, and to ...

7 Compatible Smart Products That Simplify Your Life

By Nikki Kahl | September 27, 2017
Life can get complicated. Your home doesn’t have to be. With smart products in every category, you can automate your life and your home. Products that work for you so that you don’t have to think ...

HomePod – Apple’s Answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home

By Nikki Kahl | June 7, 2017
Apple introduced consumers to the concept of a pocket personal assistant back in 2010, when Siri was integrated into the already-beloved iPhone. With the advent of personal assistants for the ...

CEDIA: Smart Home Personal Assistants – Amazon Alexa’s New Friends, Apple HomeKit Siri

By Art Feierman | September 18, 2016
If there is one aspect of voice control/personal assistants that really stood out in terms of announcements, it was the number of companies now supporting Amazon Alexa. This is a world where the ...

Smart Home A to Z Personal Assistants – A is for Apple, Alexa – Page 2

By Art Feierman | July 18, 2016
In building their eco-system, Apple’s kept it somewhat closed,  as they have their own standards.   HomeKit is the “home” of those standards for home automation.  If a company ...

Searching for the Meaning of Apple HomeKit

By Art Feierman | August 15, 2015
It’s about a year since Apple announced HomeKit.  I’ve found it hard to get a good handle on where Apple was going with it.   Info has been sketchy, although the developers know far ...
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