Belkin is an international manufacturer of smart home automation products and technology. There are three brands that operate under Belkin International – Belkin, Linksys and WeMo.

Belkin LogoTheir smart home products include wall switches that can replace your existing, boring wall switches, wall switches that fit into a regular outlet, WiFi cameras, smart lighting, heaters, air purifiers – and the list goes on. If you’ve got a need, Belkin likely has a product that will fit into your life, and your budget.



Latest Reviews, Articles, and Videos

7 Compatible Smart Products That Simplify Your Life

By Nikki Kahl | September 27, 2017
Life can get complicated. Your home doesn’t have to be. With smart products in every category, you can automate your life and your home. Products that work for you so that you don’t have to think ...

Wemo Dimmer and Wemo Mini by Belkin – Integrated Smart Home System

By Nikki Kahl | January 20, 2017
Welcome the two newest additions to the Belkin Wemo product lineup, the Wemo Dimmer and the Wemo Mini, a smart plug solution. Belkin’s Wemo line seeks to provide home automation users with an ...

Belkin WeMo Insight 2 Smart Switch/Outlet measures Energy Usage – A Review

By Art Feierman | March 11, 2016
The Belkin Insight is an external power outlet and switch. It has a suggested list price (in the US) of $49.99. A less expensive but similar switch, without energy monitoring is available from ...

Belkin WeMo Switch and Wemo Motion with Wifi Review

By Art Feierman | April 23, 2014
The WeMo Switch + Motion is the 2nd Belkin device added to our Smarter Home Automation Dream Home project.  Belkin provided us with two of the WeMo Switch + Motion packages.  We’re still ...

Belkin WeMo Light Switch Review – A Smart and Simple Solution

By Art Feierman | March 11, 2014
Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch, smart by way of Wifi, is the first piece of home automation to be installed in our Dream Home “Smarter Home Automation” Project.  That means we ...
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