Ecobee is a manufacturer of a smart thermostat that was born out of necessity. Like many truly great inventions, the ecobee smart thermostat was created to solve a problem.

Founder Stuart Lombard invented the ecobee after he realized 50% of home energy costs were related to heating and cooling. He tooled around with programmable thermostats, which he found to be unreliable when he came home to a freezing house.

ecobee logoFrustrated with the lack of easy to use, reliable thermostats on the market, he decided to create his own. Thus, the ecobee was born.

Ecobee’s smart thermostats are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and more.



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Ecobee3 – The Smart Thermostat for Everyone – A Review

By Art Feierman | March 27, 2016
The Ecobee3 is one very smart thermostat, and, it’s also worldly and friendly!  The Ecobee3 relies on Wifi for communications, so that you can control it from the provided App that you can ...
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