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Notifi video doorbell – summary

By Dave Duncan | July 16, 2017
Notifi doorbell and the smart home The Notifi video doorbell system is a good product for monitoring your doorstep.  The camera, mic and light bulb work together to form a good system. The one ...

Notifi- Mobile App and Features

By Dave Duncan | July 16, 2017
The Notifi mobile app gives you the power to interact with whomever is at your door.  You can instantly take pictures or start recording a video. You can also control the Notifi bulb. Turing it ...

Notifi – video doorbell system – The Review

By Dave Duncan | July 16, 2017
Answer your door at the flick of an app when you are home or away.  The Notifi video doorbell system from HeathZenith will send you notifications every time your doorbell rings.  The smartphone ...
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