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Aurora Nanoleaf Rhythm Review – An Immersive Symphony of Light and Sound

By Dave Orella | June 25, 2018
The Aurora Nanoleaf Rhythm Module is made by Nanoleaf and is an add-on to their flagship product, the Nanoleaf Light Panels. The Rhythm Module includes sound sensors that enable your Nanoleaf ...

Nanoleaf Aurora – Smart Home Color Changing Lighting System – a.k.a. Wall Art

By Art Feierman | December 25, 2017
I’ve been excited about the Aurora by Nanoleaf since I first saw a demo and shot a video at CES in 2016 – that’s about 23 months ago. Since then we’ve posted some updates, such as when they ...

Nanoleaf Aurora – The Art of Smart Lighting Design

By Nikki Kahl | February 1, 2017
Smart lighting is a popular choice for many homes, but how about artistic smart lighting? Nanoleaf Aurora is possibly the most innovative and impressive way to bring smart lighting into your ...

Nanoleaf Aurora Color-Changing LED Panel Smart Lights

By Art Feierman | April 18, 2016
The Nanoleaf Aurora is as much a minimalist, modern art installation as it is a lighting fixture. It is outfitted with color-changing triangular LED panels that are so lightweight, Nanoleaf ...
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