Nest manufactures one of the leading products for smart home automation. Now a Google product, the Nest has been placed at the forefront of Google’s home automation initiative.

Nest LogoA smart thermostat, it talks to other devices, and can almost be considered an ecosystem of its own right, or a sub-ecosystem. You leave the house – it knows to turn down the heat. Whether you’re upstairs, downstairs, or outside, you’ll be able to control the temperature of your home using just your smart phone or tablet. As an added bonus, it works with Amazon Echo.


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Back to the Dark Ages: Nest Ecosystem Failure

By Nikki Kahl | May 17, 2018
Last night, Nest Ecosystem users were transported back to the Dark Ages when access to the Nest app and web browsers went offline. In a world of increasing dependability on the internet, an ...

7 Compatible Smart Products That Simplify Your Life

By Nikki Kahl | September 27, 2017
Life can get complicated. Your home doesn’t have to be. With smart products in every category, you can automate your life and your home. Products that work for you so that you don’t have to think ...

Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat Review – Install, Setup, Apps and Web

By Dave Duncan | October 24, 2016
Lets get into the details shall we?  The Nest Learning Thermostat is full of features.  Before you can take advantage of those features, you have to get it installed.  I chose to do the install ...

Nest-3rd Gen Learning Thermostat Review – Recap and Summary

By Dave Duncan | October 24, 2016
NEST LEARNING THERMOSTAT REVIEW -RECAP The Nest Learning Thermostat is loaded full of features and functionality.  Before I summarize this review, lets recap some highlights. Installation: easy ...

Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat Review – Works with Nest

By Dave Duncan | October 24, 2016
Home  automation is a large playing field.  You can start out with one smart switch. Maybe you purchased it because of some nostalgia for the clapper of the 80’s.  Then you buy some lights ...

Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat Review – Nest Sense and Features

By Dave Duncan | October 24, 2016
As I mentioned on the previous page, the smart thermostat market has become a popular place.  You have long standing names like Honeywell. As well as new comers like the Ecobee3. There are many ...

Nest Thermostat Review – 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

By Dave Duncan | October 13, 2016
Nest is the trendsetter in the thermostat space. The original smart thermostat, they are now on their 3rd generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat and still delivering features and ...

Google’s Nest to ‘Brick’ (Intentionally Break) the Revolv Smart Home Hub

By Lisa Feierman | April 17, 2016
In just a few short years, Nest has become pretty synonymous with “smart thermostat” – not quite like Kleenex has for “facial tissues” or Band-Aid for “sticky ...
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