Sony LCD TVProjectors are not smart devices in the smart home automation sense, though this does not mean they cannot be integrated into your smart home arsenal. They do have command and control features, but there are select few small LED projectors in existence that are sophisticated in terms of home automation. Power off and on is the basic smart capability of projectors, as well as motorized screens you can tie in to your projector, and, of course, the OG of home automation – motorized blinds for the home theater.

LCD TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio have a full range of smart capabilities, such as instant streaming of TV, movies and music, as well as surfing the web and access to a plethora of online content. Samsung is building out their product line to include all sorts of products that talk to each other.

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Smart Home Theater: Projector, Sources, Lights, Shades, Automate

By Art Feierman | December 30, 2013
For those of us who are home theater enthusiasts, it’s the home theater itself that is most likely to be the first part of a home to get some home automation.  Solutions for your motorized ...
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