RGB and RGBW smart color lighting is a potentially big, new segment for home automation.

Though the vast majority of smart lights going into peoples’ homes will no doubt be dimmable white lights, color is sure to play a significant role in the future of interior design. One of the major benefits of the smart home is the ability to bring color lighting into play in exciting ways.

Smart colored lighting allows a natural or neutral colored wall to come alive with accent lighting, giving a more classy and futuristic effect to home design.

This lighting comes in all kinds of flavors. There’s RGB, which uses red, green and blue to create a multitude of hues, and RGBW, which does the same except it adds a brilliant white to the mix – allowing for both great color and excellent whites, the latter, being something most regular RGB bulbs do not do well.

Philips Hue Smart Colored Light BulbsBut another difference or “flavor” beyond color are that they are available as spot lights, flood lights, traditional light bulb types (of almost 360 degree dispersion). And don’t forget strip lighting, both those with closely spaced individual LEDs, and some very widely spaced. Today smart color bulbs are considered a little on the expensive side – a typical color bulb runs in the $40-50 range. However, like other LEDs they should last an extremely long time, enjoy a low long term cost of ownership, help the environment, and, of course, the “good stuff” – you sure can have a lot of fun with color.

In the good’ole days, you would never have made all of the lights in your living room green, blue or red, or any other color for that matter, because you’d be bored of it in a couple of days. The beauty of smart colored lighting is that you can have blue accent lighting, or maybe, three days later – green. The idea is that you can vary the color and amount of light, with schedules or scenes, all from your smart phone.

RGB and RGBW lighting comes in WiFi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.

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