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LG Cloi Service Robots – Revolutionizing or Destroying the Service Industry?

By TJ Farah | March 8, 2018
It seems like everyone is making robots these days. Recently, the world was up in arms about the new door-opening dog robots from Boston Dynamics, while others are concerned about tiny, magnetic ...

Aeolus Robotics In-Home Robot: The Dream Made Real

By TJ Farah | January 26, 2018
Long before the word “robot” was first invented in 1920, humans have dreamt of humanoid machines that not only obey our every whim, but are also our close companions and friends. Still, this idea ...

Apple HomePod Pre-Order Available Now!

By Nikki Kahl | January 26, 2018
It’s the moment all Apple-lovers have been waiting for – the Apple HomePod has become available for pre-order! The HomePod is Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled line, and to ...

Smarter Home Automation Will Be Live at CES – What to Expect

By Nikki Kahl | January 6, 2018
The annual CES trade show is upon us! Every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, thousands of consumer electronics companies convene in one of the largest conventions of the year to exhibit their products. ...
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