People can have a lot of fun with smart outdoor lighting. For many folks outdoor lighting is a place where they can be creative. Think of the possibilities around your smart home. We review a lot of smart lighting products. While there aren’t a huge number of different choices out there, there are plenty of options to consider, and more coming out all of the time.

Outdoor smart lighting is normally waterproof. There are traditional “bulbs” in various sizes and shapes as well as a number of types of strip lighting. We review smart outdoor lighting of all varieties, which includes RGB and RGBW color lighting, as well as dimmable white lighting. While number of smart outdoor lighting options keeps growing, here are some great examples: There are some ingeniously designed lights on the market such as Osram Sylvania’s Lightify’s Garden Spot Mini RGB which we have reviewed, and several products from ilumi.

Smart Outdoor Lighting ImageFor those using color lighting, it should be noted, that the trend is moving away from RGB, to RGBW smart lights. The addition of the W means a separate white LED. Generally RGB only lights do mediocre (at best) white, so RGBW are more versatile, thanks to really great whites.

Use individual smart lights or strip lighting to highlight desired areas or to light up a tree. Everything can be controlled on schedules, the colors can be changed, and speed of these changes can be controlled as well, via your smart phone.

Communicating with smart outdoor lighting is typically accomplished using WiFi or Zigbee, although Z-Wave is also common. No doubt there’s some Bluetooth outdoor lighting as well.

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