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The 1More triple driver ear buds (with mic and controls) that I received couldn’t have come a day too soon.  These produce serious sound – unlike Apple earbuds (or for that matter, the ear buds that most people use).

Here are the basic specs for these rather good looking, and sounding ear buds, and details. Then I’ll get into my extended experience with them.

These buds come with a nylon type black main cord, that splits into two thinner wires, one for each ear.

The ear buds themselves are a mix of gold (anodized?) finish, and black.  Even my daughter (the millennial) was impressed with how pretty these E1001 earbuds are.

The Basics:

1More Triple Driver Ear Buds E1001

  • Pricing: $99.99
  • Availability: Amazon, some big box houses…
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
  • Cord length: A healthy 1.25 meters – roughly 4 feet
  • Packaging: Reallly Fancy!  The size of the box itself probably screams “overkill” for a tiny pair of earbuds. But, if fancy packaging sells product, then 1More has their act together. And there are “goodies” in the box.

1More Triple Driver Ear Buds

Open the packaging you you will find, packed within the nice outer box, the earbuds, and a small semi-rigid carry case.  (I’m not a fan of that, I use a small soft nylon bag to carry mine.)   Then there’s the sleeve!

1More Triple Driver Ear Buds

8 pairs of foam earpieces, a “tie tack” to attach the cord, airplane dual plug adapter, and carry case – all included.

I take my music very seriously.  Long ago – perhaps as far back as a decade, I bought some really good ear buds.  I’ve always been an audiophile.  (Hey, way back in the day – the 70’s, I sold high end and extreme high end audio.  I still have a ridiculous sound system.)  Naturally I want great sounding ear buds that can provide an excellent experience when I leave my home theater, and I’ve always been very disappointed with my Apple, and also JVC ear buds.

Those old ear buds were Shure brand, probably top of the line consumer models at the time.  If I recall, they had a list price of about $250 list price?, so that pretty much confirms to you,  that I take my “buds” – and music very seriously.

A few months ago, I learned I could get a pair of these 1More earbuds to review (and keep), so I jumped at the chance in the hopes of a major upgrade in my mobile audio experience.


The E1001s, aka the Triple Driver ear buds, I must say, have lived up to, rather well exceeded my expectations of a superior listening experience considering they are not a known brand.  The sonic qualities are well beyond low cost buds.  Bass, always an issue with ear buds was relatively clean without significant boom (thanks to a separate bass driver).  Of course ear buds aren’t the best way to get deep (really middle) bass, but considering the limitations of the genre – I am generally pleased with the bass.  The bass sounds a lot tighter/cleaner, and with more attack (in part thanks to a good seal with the ear), than the Apple ear buds.

With most buds, great singers sound more like decent singers when there’s booming upper bass ready to obscure the finer points.  

The problem with most ear buds is that booming bass is intentional, in an attempt to provide enough bass to be in the proper proportion with mids and highs.  When that happens, all that extra upper bass obscures important mid-range details.  To put that in more understandable terms, booming bass typical of most ear buds can mask the subtleties of a beautiful voice, or musical instrument.

1More spare earbud tips in 8 sizes

1More spare earbud tips in 8 sizes

Take all that to mean that these 1More’s sound clearer, and more accurate, when compared to inexpensive ear buds. It’s like a thick veil has been lifted.

Open the sleeve and voila – 10 pair of spare earbud tips, in 8 different sizes. Duplicating the more popular ones.

Awesome.  Now I found that the default size works well for me, but then I switched to one size larger and was even happier.  I’ve been using those for more than 3 months now.

In-line Controller on right earbud cord

Features:  There’s a good looking (black and gold) controller on the right earbud cord.  It is similar to the Apple switch on their ear buds with a volume up and down, and a center position which will hang up calls, pause music, trigger Siri, etc. If you are properly setup, you can use the control to take photos with your iPhone.

As to similar capabilities on Android, sorry, we don’t have one here at this time, so not exactly sure if you can do things like take pictures with a Samsung or other android phone.  Still, the three-way switch seems very capable so I would expect similar capabilities as allowed by the Android device used with these buds.

Get the 1More Triple Driver Premium Earbuds on Amazon.


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