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Setting up the Echo with the Alexa App

The Amazon Echo is simple to setup.  Out of the box, the only accessory is the power adapter.  You simply plug in the echo, then head to your app store of choice and download the Alexa app.


The Amazon Alexa app, as it is seen for download in the play store. 1 million + downloads and a 4.1 score. not bad.

The Alexa app has pretty great ratings on the play store. Over a million downloads and a 4.1 rating.  Not too bad at all.

The app is the key to configuring all the compatible services you want to use with your Echo. This also holds true for the initial setup of the Echo.  You will be prompted to log in to your amazon account and then add the Echo to your network.

The Amazon Echo is 802.11 a/b/g/n compatible, dual band as well.  So you should not have any problems connecting it to your wireless network.

You should note, all the intelligence in the Echo is cloud based. You will want a snappy internet service to get the most out of it.  If you are barely getting by on the bandwidth you have due to video games, streaming tv and the like, you may experience delays with the performance of the Echo as it beams information to and from the cloud.

The setup of the Echo is straight forward.  You can use the mobile app, or you can go to the Alexa website and setup the Echo from there as well.  The Steps are below

  • Plug in your Amazon Echo
  • Launch the app / Webpage
  • Login with your Amazon account
  • The app / site will search for your Echo
  • Once found, enter in your wifi details
  • The app will configure the echo and you are ready to go!

I have included some of the screen shots below. One of the nice things between the Alexa app and the Alexa website is that they have the same interface. This is great if you happen to use both, once you know your way around you will have both of them figured out.


Inside the Alexa app

Once your Echo is connected to the network you are ready to go!  you can open the Alexa app.  The home screen is the first screen you see as the app opens. The home screen in the Alexa app is a constant update of the actions of your Amazon Echo. What was requested, what action was taking etc.

This is where you can see the Echoreview-alexafeed2questions that have been asked, what has been searched for, what music has been played or tasks that have been performed.

You can see on the screen shot on the left, School supplies and Apples were added to my shopping list. As well as someone was listening to the Nirvana prime station.

I am not sure how long the home feed goes back. As you scroll down the list of actions you eventually hit a MORE button. Then the app will pull more past information from the server.  I have repeated this several times, going back through weeks of Echo use.

The Alexa home feed is very useful when using certain skills, that give you a recipe. I am a fan of the bartender skills, Alexa will tell you the recipe, but I am not that quick. You can easily reference the Alexa home feed for the drink instructions and ingredients.

Tapping next to the Home title on the three lines brings up the full menu of sections.  Make sure and check out the images below for a full description of each section.  Listed below are the Now Playing, Music & Books, and Shopping & to-do Lists.

Now that we have  covered the basics of the Alexa app, we are going to review some of the best sections in a little more detail.  The Music , Shopping and to-do , skills and of course, the smart home section definitely needs a little more attention. Make sure and  read on to the next page.


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