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See and speak with visitors at the door from anywhere using your smartphone. The August Doorbell Cam allows you to quickly connect and receive a clear view of visitors on your doorstep.  Featuring 2-way audio and an HD camera, you will be able to answer the door from anywhere.

August Home started shipping the Doorbell Cam in March of 2016. It is a great complement to their locks and overall entry system. The August Doorbell cam, paired with an August lock and smart keypad, allows you to see and control who goes in and out of your home. If you already have an installed August lock, the video doorbell will act as a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge so that you can control your lock remotely using the August app. You no longer need to purchase a separate August Connect to enable remote connectivity.

Editor’s  Update:  November 2017:  August has started shipping a newer smart video doorbell, the August Doorbell Cam Pro, with additional features and performance.  We have requested one for immediate review.  Stay tuned.  Of course many, no most of the features of the older video doorbell in this review are carried forward into the Doorbell Cam Pro.  

August Home was founded in 2012, in the California bay area. Co-founders Jason Johnson and Yves Behar have been innovating the entryway of your home ever since. The two have also led the way on some interesting unique programs, one being their involvement in Airbnb. I will get a little more in depth later in the review, but if you have an Airbnb property, this could be a way to make your life easier.

This award goes out to products that work well, are very functional. Consider this a 4 to 4.5 star award and a possible Editor’s Choice.

In this review, I will be reviewing their smart video doorbell.  I will go through the installation, setup, and use of the mobile app. I will also take a moment to summarize it all up for you on the last page. There is always a lot of information in these reviews, and a good summary really lets it all come together.

We are proud to give the August video doorbell the Smarter Home Automation Too Cool Award. August has put together a well-performing video doorbell and has built some unique features and programs around it.

I will get more into the specific details in the following pages of this review. We have had the pleasure of reviewing a few video doorbells and it is always great to see the different programs and innovation that comes with each product offering.


The video doorbell from August Home has some interesting specifications. While other manufacturers are using 720p, or touting full 1080p, this video doorbell is SXGA resolution (1280 x 960). That is a 4:3 resolution, which gives you a square image, just like the old TVs and monitors before everything started to transition to wide formats.

They do market it as an HD camera. The resolution is larger than 720p, so it does meet that qualification. I am sure you’re reading that thinking… WHAT? as most consumers do equate HD with 1080 and higher. The camera has a 120-degree diagonal field of view. All in all, it delivers a good performance along with some great mounting options.


Doorbells are definitely not one of those things that people change on a whim. As you remodel or change your curbside appearance, they can add a nice accent to your lights and door hardware.

The team at August really delivers a solution ready to be installed. I was surprised about the amount of thought that went into what was included.

In the box you will find the following:

  • The August video doorbell
  • The doorbell mounting plate
  • Angled mounting plate to adjust the doorbell view.
  • A plate to mount the August keypad.
  • Dolphin connectors to crimp the wires together
  • Putty to seal the hole that the doorbell wires pass through.
  • Needed screws and a hex wrench to secure the doorbell.

I was surprised to see the angled mounting plate. It looks to be about a 30-degree adjustment. There are even an array of mounting holes so you can mount it in various configurations to help get the best view of your visitors.


The location of my doorbell is a little far to the right. When a guest rings it and stands close to the door, I don’t always get a good view of them.

I was excited to see the improvement with the wedge style mounting plate. In reviewing other video doorbells, the ability to angle the camera and adjust the view always came up.

I know there are others that offer the same solution as an optional purchase. It’s great that the team at August placed it in the box for a little extra product satisfaction.

Take a look at the pictures below. I have screenshots showing the live view with the standard backing plate and the optional wedge backing plate. If I was to use this video doorbell long term, I would stick with the wedge. It has a better view, more directly pointed towards the area in front of my door.

Once you have the product installed. Its time to set it up on your network and get it working.  On the following pages I will go through the August app. Going through the settings and features you will find there.  As well as taking a look at the home automation options and special features.

Look for our upcoming review of the new August Doorbell Cam Pro

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