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August Video Doorbell Pro

Securing your home, staying aware of who is on your porch and monitoring any suspicious activity is what August Doorbell Cam Pro delivers.  Equipped with HD Video, a color night mode, motion detection and a really bright flood light, it keeps a vigilant watch over your entryway.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro is a piece of the August entryway system.  August offers 3 types of products to control access and the security of your home.  They offer smart door locks, video doorbell cameras, and a smart keypad.  These products allow you to see who is at your door or give someone a unique code that they may use to enter your home when you are not there.  I myself have a keyless entry system, and I love it.  At the rate my kids loose keys at one point the whole neighborhood might have had a copy.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro has been shipping for a couple months.  Since Oct 2017. As the second generation in their doorbell offering, it does bring to the table some new features.  I also did a review on the original August Doorbell Cam if you are interested in checking that out.

New Features:

Integrated Flood Light –  shines a lot of light on your entryway. The app does give you the ability to adjust it and even turn it off if you wish. This is a great feature that works well with the motion sensor.

Hindsight – Hindsight captures video as people approach the front door, even if they don’t press the doorbell. This gives your videos the whole story.  Not just the moments after the button is pressed.

Color Night Time viewing – Enabled with the integrated Floodlight, the improved video and bright floodlight allow you to get great color videos even when its dark.

As I review the August doorbell cam pro, I will go through what is in the box.  How the installation process was and how the features performed.  Having already reviewed the August Doorbell Cam, it was a great to see their new pro version.

You can purchase an August Doorbell Cam Pro from most of the usual suspects for $199.  You do get a free 30 days of August Monitoring. Then after the trial period, it is $49.99 a year or $4.99 a month.

What’s in the Box? – August Doorbell Cam Pro

The August team provides a great amount of setup options included in the Box.  I was surprised to see that the second generation installation is different from the first Doorbell Cam.  The changes made it more simple and straightforward.

In the box you get-

  • August Doorbell Cam pro
  • Doorbell mounting plate
  • Setup Dock
  • Mounting Wedge
  • misc hardware

It is great that they supply the wedge with every box.  I am sure it adds a little to their cost, but hurrah for them for allowing their users a readily available angle solution.

Having reviewed the first August Doorbell Cam, I knew that I wanted to start right off with the wedge. It allows the doorbell camera to be angled towards your door.  Giving you the ability to have a more direct view of your doorstep. As often the doorbells can be located to the far right or the left of the door.

The charging dock was a welcomed addition from the first Doorbell Cam from the August team. It has a simple connector and a magnetic mounting system that was easy to connect to the doorbell.

The in the box documentation was very slim, a nice envelope that directed you towards the app with some very high level install instructions, a Doorbell Cam Pro diagram and warranty information. There was also a card that provided support information in case you get stuck or have any issues.

Below is a couple pictures to show whats in the box.  You can see all the pieces of hardware including the wedge and charging station.  August does a great job of packing their products and delivering a great out of box experience.

With everything out of the box and ready to be setup and installed, its time to turn the page.  Continue on as I review the setup process and well as mounting it on the front porch.  I will also cover some of the great things about the entry way system August provides.

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