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Aurora Nanoleaf Rhythm Review – Summary: Summary, Pros, Cons


Overall, I am very impressed by what the Rhythm enabled from my Nanoleaf Light Panels. It truly feels like an add-on that every Nanoleaf Light Panel should include. It’s a feature I’m sure to highlight whenever my friends come over and inevitably ask, “What is that?!” while staring at my wall like it is something out of a science fiction movie. Given that the Rhythm Module is a newer edition to the Nanoleaf family, I personally think it warrants the extra $49.99 as it truly opens up a new side to the Nanoleaf Light Panels and hours of entertainment. One further, if someone were to be looking at purchasing their first Nanoleaf Light Panels, I would highly recommend ensuring it is the now standard Rhythm Edition ($229.99).

In terms of functionality, I found it be very responsive and enjoyable when used on any type of music, as the app truly does cater to any tempo or genre of music. I have personally tested the Rhythm Module on everything from Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, to Zedd and Kanye West. However, it can be rather distracting when used in conjunction with TV, movies or video games. My Nanoleaf Panels are set up directly next to my TV, and as such, my eyes are drawn to the ever-changing display when the Rhythm module is enabled. Should my panels be a bit further from my TV, I might explore its use more on multi-media, but for now, I just use the Rhythm module capabilities with music.

The Nanoleaf Light Panels are one of my favorite pieces of decoration in my apartment and the Rhythm Module an excellent addition. It is great for those who want to listen to music in the same room as their Light Panels, or those who just want to add another level of excitement and uniqueness to their TV or Computer.


  • Excellent for visualization of any genre of music
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Heavy customization options through the app
  • Has physical buttons to turn the lights on or off and to advance to the next scene when a phone is not within reach
  • Utilizes the same Nanoleaf app
  • Integration with Razer Chroma and Cooler Master for a new level of video game immersion
  • Integration with Apple Home App, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT


  • Is often too distracting to use in conjunction with TV, movies, video games etc.
  • The lowest brightness is still sometimes too bright if a room is very dark to start
  • Voice integration at this point is limited to on/off
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