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Echobox Finder X1 Box

Meet the Echobox Finder X1 Titanium Earphones. These in-ear monitors produce some quality sound, worthy of true audiophiles and music-lovers alike. Initially, I preferred my Apple earbuds to the Finder X1 earphones, but after adjustments and practical application, I changed my mind. The sound that emits from the generic Apple earbuds is pretty good for in-ear monitors – though they are no match for the hi-fi audio you can enjoy with Echobox’s edition.

The Echobox Finder X1 earphones can be found for $229 list price online at the Echobox website, Amazon, Sears and dozens of other online retailers. You’ll find the best prices on Echobox and Amazon, however, as they’re currently offering these buds for $159 – other retailers offer it for even more than the $229 list price.

In this review, we will discuss the design of the packaging, what’s in the box, the aesthetic of the earphones, the manual and warranty, their technical specifications for audiophiles, their sound quality when listening to music, and how they measure up for professional audio work.

By the end, you will have a thorough understanding of what makes the Echobox FinderX1 Titanium Earphones stand out from the crowd and their pitfalls – enabling you to make an informed decision before you choose your next earbuds.

Packaging Design

Echobox Finder X1 Box

The Echobox Finder X1 Titanium Earphones packaging is sleek and well-designed.

Packaging design can make or break a person’s decision in purchasing a product – I generally will buy a beautifully packaged piece over one sealed in generic can’t-get-it-open-without-scissors plastic. Echobox does not disappoint. The box is smooth, matte-finished, and has an image of space printed on it. The Finder X1 buds are featured in the foreground.

These earbuds are made from titanium, which Echobox has dubbed, “the metal of the stars.” This statement is a bit extra. All metals on earth came from the death of a star, when their atoms were sent zooming across space and time. It’s just a little redundant, but hey, it’s good for marketing.

Speaking of marketing, these guys know their stuff. They’re marketing toward the millennial crowd, which is evident in the names for their product line. We’ve got The Finder, being reviewed here, and three other options available for pre-order. Two buds, called The Traveler and The Nomad, and The Explorer, an Android mp3 player with a wooden casing that looks like a flask.

This falls in line with the current trend that is sweeping through my generation. You may or may not have heard of the term “wanderlust,” but this is what Echobox is appealing to. Wanderlust is an insatiable need to travel and see the world, to live beyond the confines of societal constraints. With names like The Finder, The Traveler, The Nomad, and The Explorer, they’re speaking to the kindred souls of an entire generation. Way to go, Echobox.

Echobox Product Line

The Echobox product line consists of The Explorer, The Traveler, The Finder, and The Nomad.

What's In The Box

The Echobox Finder X1 Titanium Earphones come with more than just the earbuds. When I opened the box (having no previous knowledge of Echobox and their products) I was surprised to see a small, attractive carrying case inside. The case houses six sets of interchangeable silicon ear pieces in a removable, smooth rubber slate for easy access to the tips. Easily missed are the two pairs of red and black tuning rings on either side of the ear pieces.

That’s right. These earbuds come with a total of three pairs of tuning rings (white comes installed) so that you can get the perfect sound. The white tuning rings provide the most balanced sound, while the red ones produce a brighter, more crisp sound. The black tuning rings are focused on bass, and are awesome for music where bass heavily featured.

In the box, you also get another pair of ear tips by premium earphone tip company, Comply. These are the tips I use, as they are foam and fit comfortably in my ear. They block external noise and fit securely, which is what I look for in an ear piece. Additionally, Echobox suggests that you wrap the cord around your ear if you want your buds to be extra secure, or if you are hearing cable noise.

Echobox also provides a warranty card and manual. The warranty is for three years from your date of purchase, and covers both repairs and replacements. Replacements require a receipt from an authorized seller, while repairs do not. The manual comes with six sections: Controls, Sound Customization, Insertion Instructions, Fit, Maintenance, and Safety.


  • Durable, Titanium Housing is Made to Last
  • Lightweight
  • Hi-Fi Sound
  • Customizable Sound via 3 Removable Tuning Rings
  • Balanced Sound
  • 6 Interchangeable Tips, plus 1 Bonus Pair (Comply)
  • Carrying Case
  • Affordable
  • Great Warranty
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