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Eufy Smart Plug Mini Review

The Smart Plug Mini by Eufy is a compact plug that transforms any “dumb” electronic device into a smart one. Lights, appliances, game consoles – if you can think of it, the Eufy Smart Plug Mini can make it smart. It allows you to control the device via the app or voice control, but more on that later.

Eufy isn’t exactly a household name – yet – but they have some awesome smart products for the home that range from lighting, smart plugs, and speakers, to robovacs and even a blender. Now, I’m not sure if that blender can truly be considered home automation, as at first glance it doesn’t appear to have smart capabilities (though it is BPA-free, which is a different kind of smart).

In this review of the Eufy Smart Plug Mini, I will give a brief overview of the product and its capabilities, discuss highlights and show you what’s in the box. Following that, I will go through the installation process, take a look at the app, and then wrap it all up in a summary, complete with pros and cons. Let’s get started!


The Eufy Smart Plug Mini has been sitting in my studio, untouched in its box, since CES 2018. I had about six projectors to review around the time I received the unit, and so it stayed on its shelf, forgotten – until just the other day.

My fiancé and I returned from a shopping trip to Urban Outfitters (and other places) with a new geometric rug and an LED light in the shape of a cactus. We live in the Mojave Desert of California – originally from Los Angeles – and have been decorating our house with a southwestern and desert vibe. So, naturally, this cactus light was an obvious and necessary addition to our home.

Just one problem – the LED light has a serious design flaw. It doesn’t have a switch to turn it on and off. If you wish to do so, you must physically insert or pull the plug from the socket. How terribly primitive.

Enter the Eufy Smart Plug Mini! I remembered I had it, and saw this as the perfect opportunity to break it out of its box prison and let it live its dreams. The smart plug and I have become fast friends, and I’m excited to tell you all about our experiences together in this review.


  • Works With Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Supports up to 15A of Power to Devices
  • Designed to Keep Second Outlet Available for Use
  • Clean White Color and Sleek Design
  • No Hub Required
  • Set Schedules
  • Countdown Timer
  • Control Remotely
  • Away Mode
  • Excellent Warranty – 18 Months

What’s in the Box

Eufy Smart Plug Mini Review Open Box
The Eufy Smart Plug Mini comes in a beautifully branded package that is as sleek as the product itself. I do love good branding, and it doesn’t hurt that the nice teal color happens to be one of my favorites. So, what’s in the box?


  • The Smart Plug Mini
  • A Welcome Guide
  • The Warranty Card

Eufy Smart Plug Mini Review What's in the Box

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