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Eve Room sensor

Eve Room delivers up to the minute air quality, temperature and humidity readings. Providing you with important information about the home around you.

We spend many waking hours monitoring the food we eat.  Is it organic, is it healthy, not to mention the calorie content. Then there is the water we drink. Making choices on which spring it comes from and what container its placed in. How often do you consider the air in your home?  We live surrounded by all kinds of modern day contaminants. The cleaners we use, the paints we coat the walls with and the furniture we live around.

The team over at Elgato has released Eve Room to give us a window into the quality of our air indoors.  Elgato is a global company, based in Munich, Germany.  They have design teams in

California as well as Germany.  Their goal is to combine seamless software with elegant hardware to create an app-powered lifestyle defined by comfort, convenience and control. You can purchase an Eve Room direct from their website or many other online retailers for $79.99. I did notice a couple outlets with slightly lower prices here are there.

Elgato has a wide range of products. For the home automation market, they have an ever growing line of HomeKit products under the Eve brand.   There is Eve Energy, which we at SHA have reviewed as well as Eve weather, eve door & window, along with motion sensors and wall switches.  They offer a broad range of functionality to your HomeKit system.  They are also expanding a new line of smart LED lighting under the Avea brand. These are both IOS and Android compatible.

As I review the Eve Room sensor, I will go through the basics and cover what it comes with, how you set it up and the information Eve Room provides.  I will also dig into the weeks I have spent with Eve Room and what I have learned about my own home and air quality.  I will detail out what the Eve Room measures, so you can make an informed decision. Is it a product you need?

Eve Room – Setting it up

One of the attractive things about Apple HomeKit is the ease of setting up supporting products.  Eve Room is definitely no exception.

Eve Room comes in a small box, with enough room inside for  the Eve Room sensor, a quick start guide and 3 AA batteries.  The setup code for the Eve Room is on a label stuck to the battery door.  As you can see in the pictures below, Eve Room is a simple white color, not flashy or ridiculous looking. It very easily blends into your home decor.

I installed the batteries and placed it on a shelf in our family room.   I placed it on the end of the shelf, where it is almost directly below the air intake of our ventilation system.  If I was going to monitor the air, I thought it best to know the quality of air that was being sucked up and spread around the house.

You may choose to purchase several Eve Room sensors. You would then be able to monitor individual rooms and their temperature, humidity and air quality.

Eve Room – adding it to your HomeKit

Once you decide where you want to place your Eve Room, its time to make it part of your HomeKit system.   Eve Room is a Bluetooth device. I should clarify that. Like other Eve products from Elgato. Eve Room is a Bluetooth Smart device. This is part of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Gives the products greater range and better battery life as they are not constantly chattering back and fourth.  Eve Room should have a distance anywhere from 50 feet to the theoretical max of 330 feet. It all depends on your home and the materials around it.

As I mentioned, I placed the Eve Room on a shelf in the living room.  It sits right next to the hallway.  When you are setting up the device, its best to be right next to it.  I picked up the Eve Room and headed to the couch.

On the Eve Room box, it states you need a device that is running iOS 8.4 or later.  There have been a few

shake ups on the HomeKit front the past few months. If you want the full deal HomeKit you need a newer device that can support the New iOS 10 and higher.  You can consult the Apple support site for a list of products that support iOS 10.   You can also find a listing of HomeKit devices that your device will support.  Just about all iOS devices can upgrade to IOS 9.3 which gives them the HomeKit framework. Because of the hardware, they will not see the HomeKit App.

This even holds true with Apple TV. If you are looking to purchase an Apple TV so that you can have it be the center point of your HomeKit enabled home. You may want to make sure and get the Apple TV 4.  Unfortunately, the Apple TV 3 is still for sale, but does not support all of the remote features.

This came as a shock to me and quite a few other Apple users I am sure.  I have an Ipad3 and an Ipad2 both of which are updated to the latest version of iOS 9.   I did purchase an Apple TV 4 and a new Ipad Pro so that I could have the latest HomeKit has to offer.

If you are new to HomeKit, make sure you check your devices before you jump in. While Elgato has apps for Eve products, its not guaranteed that other manufactures will.

If you ware looking to remotely control your HomeKit devices, you will need to use a newer Ipad or Apple TV as a smart hub to enable this feature.  Also note, if you use an Ipad, it can’t leave the house if it is to maintain a connection with your HomeKit accessories. There is a lot of information on the Apple support site.

Ok, back to the topic on hand. Eve Room and setting it up.  I have added screen shots of the process below.  Adding it to your HomeKits setup is pretty straightforward, as the process is the same for most accessories.

To sum it up-

  • Install the batteries in the Eve Room
  • Download the app
  • Search for the Eve Room
  • Scan the setup Code
  • Add it to a room
  • Configure you Siri names ( so you can ask Siri about the sensor)
  • Setup is complete! Check out your readings!

Check out the screen shots below of the whole process. Its quick and easy, the Eve app walks you right through it.

There is a lot more to cover for Eve Room. So far we have just scratched the surface.  We have pulled it out of the box, placed it on a shelf, and added it to a HomeKit installation.  Keep reading on!  On the next page, I will go over the Eve Room in much more detais. I will review the air quality sensor, what it measures, as well as share what I have learned about my own home.

Get the Eve Room on Amazon.

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