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Apple HomeKit ecosystem

Eve Room – Apps

Elgato has released a good app to support its Eve line of HomeKit products.   If you have an older iOS device, it will be the HomeKit Front end for your devices. If you are using  a newer iOS device, there is a newer Eve app available.

The idea behind the new Home app released by Apple a few  months back was to bring all of the

HomeKit Status Page

The HomeKit status page displays your favorites and their current status.  I was only able to view Eve Room Sensors current status.

HomeKit devices into one app.  The Home app, is a great summary tool.  You can select favorites to show on the start screen and easily turn accessories on and off.

Eve Room appears as a sensor. In the Home app, it will only display the current readings.  You can see the current air quality, temperature and humidity.  There is no way to interact with the Eve Room.  When I wanted to see the past data or trends, I needed to use the Eve app.

I also found as I used the Eve Room that I needed to use the Eve app to setup timers and rules for the Eve Room to interact with other HomeKit Accessories.

I was looking for a way to trigger a message or alert when the air quality of the living room reached fair, or worse.   In looking through the Home app,  I was not able to setup an automation using the Eve Room sensors.

When Selecting a new automation the selection for ” A Sensor Detects Something” was always grayed out and not able to be selected.  I would think that Elgato will want to correct this behavior.  Especially if they want their customers to take full advantage of the Eve Room and HomeKit features.

The Eve app has a couple of useful features in the Scenes Section.  You can create standard HomeKit Scenes, but you can also create timers and Rules.  The Timers section is much like a schedule.   You can select a time of day, choose if it happens once or its repeating.  Then select a scene to be part of the timer.

I found the Rules section the most helpful. I wanted to create a specific action that would occur when the air quality was less than good.  The rules feature in the Eve app, allowed me to pick a trigger.  These could be value based, like a specific temperature or  location based.    I chose value based. Then I was able to select air quality as the trigger.   I selected a less than condition.  Which meant the rule would execute if the air quality was less than good. I had to select a scene. Which I created a bad air scene, in which the living room lights all turned on.  In a couple clicks I was able to set up a rule that would turn on lights if the air quality was less than good.

The Eve app is well laid out. Like other HomeKit applications, it pulls in the settings from your HomeKit system.  I could see scenes that I created in other HomeKit applications from idevices as well as automation’s I set up in the Home app.

I have included some highlight screen shots below. The Eve app is very usefull. I did like that during an Eve Room software update, it gave me a good play by play and provided a status bar of the progress.

Eve Room – Summary

The Eve Room by Elgato is a nice sensor.  I was pleased during the review at how much data it gathers, and how the Eve app allows you to sift through it and view it at so many levels.

I did like that I was able to use the Eve app on my older iOS devices. I am hoping to be able to use the Eve app to interact with other HomeKit accessories that don’t have an app for Pre 10.0 iOS.

I use my apple TV as a hub for my HomeKit system. I was able to access the Eve Room sensor from where ever I was over the internet. The Apple TV also made sure my automatons and timers were on track.  Without looking at the Eve app, I know when all the lights turn on in the living room, the air quality is less than good.

To summarize Eve Room:

Setup :  Setup was easy and followed the normal HomeKit process

Placement : A benefit of Eve Room is that its battery powered, allowing you to place it where ever you  would like.

Accuracy : The sensors seems to be accurate.  The temperature and humidity were always very close if not spot on to what my thermostat would read.

Air Quality : The air quality sensor was interesting. I personally would like a similar device that could detect Mold and Radon along with the stated VOC’s.  Eve Room did a great job of sensing the changes in the air, it would be great if it would detect some of the other serious issues that could be floating through your home.  Another nice feature would be the ability to drill down in the Eve application and see the levels of specific VOC’s in the air.

HomeKit : The Eve Room should be able to trigger automation’s in the Home app. I am sure this is just a matter of software the team at Elgato will need to fix.  While you can create rules in the Eve app that will become automatons, the sensors should be listed. Well, because they are sensors.  That selection should not be grayed out.

The Eve Room is a  great sensor. If you are looking for a device to

Our Pretty Darn Cool Award often goes to products that really get the job done, but where we haven’t yet reviewed competing products.

monitor VOC’s and keep tabs on the temperature and humidity at the same time you may be hard pressed to find a better device.

On be half of all of us at SHA, we would like to give the  Eve Room the Pretty Darn Cool Award. It is a  great sensor with the added ability to monitor air quality..  that is some great tech.

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