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Security is on the top of everyone’s minds. The EZVIZ EzGuard 1080 is a one camera security solution.  It delivers great security camera features, equipped with Motion detection and a 100dB siren.  As a full featured surveillance camera,  It also can provide peace of mind. Is the dog in the yard, who is at the front door, how did my front planter break, or has my latest package arrived safely. 

EZVIZ is a pretty new name in the surveillance and security world. They offer a really impressive product line. They have a large range of camera products for your home.  Offering Wire-Free cameras that are battery powered, full wired security kits with a DVR, and a great offering of WI-FI security cameras.

Also they are also hip to home automation, making products compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo.  EZVIZ will also provide cloud hosting for your video feeds. While the name may be new, turns out they are the consumer and residential focused subsidiary of Hikvision. Hikvision is the largest manufacturer of surveillance type products.

That is great to know. While a new brand, they have a lot of know how behind them.  EZVIZ is located in the city of industry, in sunny California. I expect we will see a lot of great products from them. 


In This review I will be reviewing the EzGuard 1080. The EzGuard 1080, is a full 1080 security camera with loads of features.

The EzGuard 1080 comes equipped with :

  • Active Defense
  • Local Storage
  • Two-way Audio
  • Dual Wifi antennas
  • IP66 Weatherproofing
  • Full 1080P w/HDR
  • Night Vision

Not to mention a well done mobile app!

I was excited to review the EZGuard 1080.  Having a fair amount of experience with CCTV cameras. I managed and spent

many years keeping a casino surveillance system running in tip top shape.  There have been so many improvements in the imaging devices and technology in these cameras, I was very interested in how the EzGuard 1080 would perform.

In this review, I will go through a number of  things as I install and test the camera. I will cover what is in the box, setup and installation, the Products mobile app,  home automation compatibility, and then put it all together in a nice summary. Take your time and enjoy the review.

The EZVIZ EzGuard 1080 is a great security product. The team at EZVIZ are not trying

Consider our Awesome Award – our 2nd highest review award – to be a 4.5 on a 5.0 scale. In other words, great product, but some room to be even better.

to be everything to everyone.  They are delivering great security solutions to consumers.  Offering ease of use and great robust features. The EzGuard 1080 is truly a one camera security system.

One press of the button to set off the 100db alarm will send anyone high stepping away from your porch.  Every time I tested it, every dog in the neighborhood cringed, including my own.

The constant recording to give you the seconds before a motion event and the available robust video hosting features, really round out the performance.  If you are looking for a security camera for you house or property, I would definitely recommend the EzGuard 1080. It will complement any security system.


Now that I have let the cat out  of the bag, read on and find out what makes the EzGuard 1080 a great product. Is this the camera you have been looking for?  It is very possible. Check out the rest of the review and make an informed decision.

Whats in the box?

The EzGuard 1080 comes with all the mounting hardware you would need to install it on most surfaces. The packaging is simple, when you open the box the Quick Start guide is right on top ready for you to get started.  The EzGuard 1080 comes with a drill template as well to allow you to quickly install the camera. The other items in the box include 3 mounting

The EzGuard 1080 comes with all the mounting hardware included. Also an easy to use drill template.

screws with anchors, an ac wall adapter for power (10 ft cord,the cord I received measured under 6’ maybe there was a production change?) and protective caps to weather proof the cat5 connection if you decide to use the wired option.  For the purpose of the review, I am going to use the EzGuard 1080 to replace my current camera on the front porch. It will be in position to watch the driveway and porch, keeping track of who comes and goes. As well as watching any packages that may arrive.

So you know what we think about the EzGuard 1080 as a security camera. It is a great product loaded with features.  Make sure and continue on in the review. On the next page, I will go through the setup and the installation in more detail.  Also, continue on to the smart home section. While this is a growing industry,its very easy to go from a smart home to a phone with a lot of apps and no cross functionality.  Choosing the right products is important.



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