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The EZVIZ mobile app is a simple to use power house for managing your cameras.  When you open the app, you quickly are presented with a recent snapshot from each camera you have installed.  You can quickly select each camera and move to their live view. If you have multiple you can select a quad view and see the cameras at once.

The EzGuard 1080 does have an on board SD card, up to 128Gb of storage. The default setting is to store the video on the SD card and in the cloud.  The cloud service is pay to play. There are two levels, 7 day playback for 5.99 per camera, $59.99

a year, or 30 day playback for $10.99 a month or $109.99 a year.  If you choose not to continue with teh cloud service, you still have the ability to save your devices settings in the cloud and view live images.  Also, you do get motion alerts with snapshots.  I would hope you can view the video from the SD card as well.

Back to the EZVIZ mobile app, the three main sections of the app are :

Home – This is where you will find snap shots from all your cameras.

Messages – Messages will give you feedback on things that interact with your cameras. If you use Google or Alexa to turn off notifications, you will get a message here.

More – This is the main account section where you can control you account, security and settings.

When you select a camera, you get a very informative screen. You can see a current snap shot of the camera view, you can see a history of camera events, when motion was detected and all of the camera recordings.

The EZVIZ app had some strong features that really show their background in security and video products. When you review a video, you are presented with a timeline that shows your position in the video second by second.  Also, in a motion event, there is always 10 seconds of video included that was before the event. Then you have the whole view of what happened. Not just a sudden video of someone standing on your porch. You see a few seconds before they even come on screen and in view of the camera.

There is also a view where you can see the length and time of each recording that has taken place.  Allowing you to see the times and amount of activity during the time shown.

You have very easy access to the alarm. If you do check your camera and you see someone that should not be there, one simple press and that loud piercing alarm will send them running.  If you are wondering, it is adjustable. You can make it softer or more intense.

Take a look at the images below to see the features I am describing. It really is a nice app and complements their products.  In can also see the icons for the alarm, microphone, video record and snapshot.

Smart Home

Reading this review at Smarter Home Automation, makes this our favorite section. Its such a fantastic time we live in as things are becoming more and more connected.  The ability to create your smart home of the future is here now.  As long as you pick the right products.

EZVIZ had done a good job of getting the basics in place.  There are a couple things everyone wants their cameras to work with. The top request, Echo Show.  Why have a smart camera and an assistance with a screen if you can’t display your smart cameras.  Then there is google home and all the smart hubs out there.

The team at EZVIZ took a simple approach that is darn effective. They support Google, Amazon Echo, and IFTTT.  That just about covers everything.

Connecting the EzGuard 1080 to Google was a snap.  As simple as opening the Google home app and going into devices and connecting the accounts.  Same with Amazon Echo. I just had to go in an enable the EZVIZ skill and connect the accounts.  Once enabled you can use both assistants to turn off the notifications from the EZVIZ devices.  There isn’t a whole lot of things you can control on these cameras. If you have an Echo Show, you can view your live feeds. That is very nice.

IFTTT ( pronounced like gift) was the same way.  Log in to your EZVIZ account and you are connected.  Once you have enabled IFTTT, you are connected to all other devices and services that use it as well.

The EZVIZ service gives you similar functionality with IFTTT.

Actions you can perform with EZVIZ IFTTT controls

As well as actions you can trigger using the IFTTT, if this than that functionality, you can use the EZGuard to trigger othe devices.



The EZVIZ service will allow you to use the alarm feature to trigger other IFTTT devices. Which could alert your smart home hub, your video doorbell or any other IFTTT device or service.    This opens up a lot of possibilities.

You could log the events to a google spreadsheet for tracking.  You could use them to set off other alarms.

IFTTT is a fast growing service, we have a great article on what it is if your interested you can find it here.

Now I have covered just about everything, its time to bring it all together in a nice summary for you the reader to see it in once place.  Make sure and continue on the the next page for the summary. Not to mention the Award!

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