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Keep the whole room in sight with one camera. .  Monitor everything at once. No corner is hidden, no spot unseen.  The ez360 delivers 360 degrees of sight with a resolution of 3 megapixels. The EZ360 Pano will watch diligently over your entire room.  Equipped with 25’ of awesome vision at night, 2 way audio, and many other features. The EZVIZ ez360 Pano can provide many security and monitoring solutions around the house.

Security cameras can be a great tool both inside and outside of a residence.  Perhaps you want to watch over your garage? Or are looking for a different type of baby / child monitor? Cameras can provide a safety net. In the event something should happen, you have it recorded for playback and verification.

If you are thinking about using cameras in your house or place of business, there are many options on the market. One of the worst things you may do, is to put up a fake camera.  Thinking it will be a deterrent and you will never need the recorded video. Unfortunately if you are thinking about cameras, then do it. If the time comes and you do need video from that dummy camera, there is no going back in time.

Solutions are popping up from many companies in the security and surveillance industry.  One name that is quickly becoming popular is EZVIZ. While EZVIZ is a new name to some of us, they come from a long standing history of security products.   

EZVIZ is a laser focused subsidiary of Hikvision. They are bringing many consumer and residential solutions to market. They have a great product offering, with security cameras for all you needs. Outdoor weatherproof cameras , small wire-free cameras and everything in between. I had the opportunity to review their EzGuard 1080 and I am excited to put the ez360 Pano through its paces.

The Ez360 Pano  is a compact solution with many features. At about 3” round it can be placed in so many places. Taking into account its gigantic field of view, there is a lot of value in such a small package.  The Ez360 Pano from EZVIZ is available through all the usual online outlets. You can even get it direct from the EZVIZ website for $179.99.The stand out features of the EZ360 Pano is of course its field of view.  Having such a clear fish eye lens and being able to monitor the whole room with one camera is great.  I will get into the overall performance later in the review.

The Ez360 Pano has some other great features as well:

  • 360 panoramic view
  • Dual band WIFI, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz.
  • Night Vision up to 25 feet with infrared illumination
  • Two-way audio, built in Mic and Speaker.
  • Multiple viewing options, Panorama, expanded view, split screen and Quad view
  • Local SDHC recording
  • Cloud storage via Cloudplay subscription

I spent a few years working with CCTV equipment. I was the lead surveillance engineer for a California casino.  There is a lot planning and setup that goes into managing those poker rooms and aisles of video poker machines.  In a casino, every jackpot is reviewed to makes sure its authentic. Every corner is monitored to keep track of the house assets. This makes performance and availability key to anything you deploy.

The same should hold true for you home. You need your security products to work when you need them. When the time comes and you need to pull some important video from you camera, that is a horrible time to find out it wasn’t working as you expected. 

Having experience with lots of cameras and recording equipment, I was excited to review the Ez360.  In this review, I plan on covering whats in the box, the setup experience and what you can expect, the EZVIZ application and the performance of the Ez360 Pano as a security camera.

The Award Preview

Consider our Awesome Award – our 2nd highest review award – to be a 4.5 on a 5.0 scale. In other words, great product, but some room to be even better.

The ez360 Pano is a great camera. I was a little skeptical about the claims of vision and use of such a fish eye lens, but in practice its very useful.  This is one camera that is loaded full of features.  Make sure and read the next couple of pages of this review to get the whole story.  In taking into account the features, performance, application and costs of the ez360 Pano, it is definitely a winner.

The ez360 Pano has earned the Smarter Home Automation Awesome Award! It is a fantastic solution for a SMB looking to monitor a room or entry way.

As well as provide an all seeing eye for a living room or basement in the home.  There are many places this camera could provide a great view and allow you to monitor four points of interest closely. Make sure and read the rest of the review to get the low down on exactly how well the ezviz360 Pano performed and some things you may want to be aware of before you purchase.

ezviz360 Pano out of the box

The team over at EZVIZ does a great job of delivering a good solution. The ezviz360 Pano is no exception. It ships with everything in the box.  Included are the ezviz360 Pano, its mounting base, power supply and cable, mounting hardware and quick start guide.

The ezviz360 Pano its small and compact. It could easily be placed to monitor a whole room.  The power cable is you standard micro USB, same connection used on android phones. It has a good length of about 10 feet.

You can see in the images below that it is very small and compact. It makes my Samsung S7 edge look huge!


I am just getting started on the ez360 Pano review.  Get over to the next page where I go through the setup, mobile application, and more.  Then on to the summary page where I put it all together for you so you can make an informed choice on the security solutions for your home or office.

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