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The ez360 Pano delivers a great image as well as fantastic night vision. The setup process is equally as impressive for its simplicity and quickness. you can have your ez360 Pano connected and mounted in a matter of minutes.  Then you can setup the features and start enjoying the video monitoring.

I was impressed by the setup process of EZVIZ products. Its simple, the app does a great job of guiding you though. Also, its quick and easy.  Does anyone really want to spend an hour setting up a camera?  No way, we want to stick it on the wall and check out the video.

In this section of the review I will cover the setup process of the ez360 Pano.  Then down the page I will go into the mobile application and performance.  Don’t miss out on those!  I was really impressed by the night vision of the camera.

The setup as I mentioned is very painless.  you can sum it up into a simple process.

1- Plug in the camera

2- Scan the QR code, send some sound waves

3- Add the camera to your network

4- Done!

Take a look at the screen shots below of the setup process.  Its very simple and straight forward. The team at EZVIZ did a great job executing an easy setup process.

Mobile app and performance.

When you purchase a product for your home you want it to work and be simple to use. Especially when it comes to smart home and security products.  No one wants to have to mess with their technology daily. We want it to work, and work reliably.

The mobile app for EZVIZ products is very simple and easy to use.  Once you open it you can see all of your cameras. I have added the screen shots below to show you just how well this small camera can watch a large room.

With its features, the ez360 Pano does a great job. Especially with the ability to set the camera to focus on 4 areas of interest within its view.  I was able to set it up so I can see the dog bed/ window, front door, garage door and table.  All framed in a nice 2×2 view as if I had 4 different cameras.

The night vision on the ez360 Pano is outstanding.  It lit up my living room as if it was day light with the IR LED’s.  I was very impressed with this feature.  Take a look below with the screen shots of each.  One picture is with the night vision off, then the other with it on.  What a difference!

Some cameras use very sensitive sensors to capture low light video. The ez360 Pano fills the room with IR that the cameras sensor can see as light.

Other settings that are of note are the two way audio. When audio is enabled, it will be captured with the videos.

Also, the on board SD card slot is a great option. With an SD card inserted (up to 128G), the camera will record to the SD card, keeping all of your data locally.  The best part is that you can still view the recorded videos from anywhere using the EZVIZ mobile app. This gives you a free alternative to signing up for the cloud service.

The playback for videos is nice. With a timeline and view off all the points where the camera was triggered.  Make sure and check it out below.


I have had a lot of fun reviewing the ez360 pano. It performs well and had a decent feature set for the price.  On the next page, I am going to cover the smart home aspect. How well will it integrate with your smart home system?

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