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ezviz360 Pano is a nice camera for indoor use. How about as an integral part of your home automation? When configuring your smart home, its great to have your devices work together. For example, when I open my front door, I love when my living room lights turn on at night.  A system that works together provides much more functionality than a group of stand alone devices.

The ezviz360 Pano uses Ifttt ( pronounced like gift) to provide some smart home compatibility.  I do hope they expand on this aspect in the future. right now its pretty lacking.  Some of the EZVIZ camera models support all three items to control, but others only support the center item.  This allows you to turn the alarm notification off and on.  You can do this with Google Home and the Amazon Echo personal assistants.  You can trigger other actions off of the alarm event in all their cameras as well. This does allow you to turn on lights and control others actions. Although you have to use Ifttt.

Review Summary

Security is a big part of the home automation market. The use of sensors and cameras to monitor you home or office is extremely valuable. With todays products you can do all of this without a large monthly fee.  The ez360 Pano is a great addition to this market. It delivers a great HD image, and a huge 360 degree viewing area.

The easy to review videos and the ability to store all your videos locally on an SD card are very nice features. There are a lot of video products on the market, doorbells and cameras alike that require a subscription to their cloud service.  I really like this stand along recording feature. Especially as I can still view all the videos from the mobile app.

We are at the final section of this review. The summary.  I like to group up the pro’s and con’s of the product to help you make an informed decision on the product. Is it right for your home? Is it compatible with your current products? Those are all important.


  • Fantastic night vision. Very bright and detailed image.
  • Huge 1344 x 1344 image, 180 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle.
  • The ability to focus on 4 points of interest is nice to organize such a huge image.
  • Local storage, up to 128GB SD card supported. Keeping all of your videos on site.
  • Easy to use mobile application. Simple to see your videos and navigate to recorded events
  • Simple mounting and setup.
  • Motion detection with alerts
  • Supports both 2g and 5 g networks.


  • The power cord could be longer.  I am not sure how one would mount it to the center of the ceiling with out some custom power or having an AC outlet close.
  • Mouting bracket, I would like to see EZVIZ add the standard CCTV mounting screws that are very common on cameras and tri-pods. The standard  1.4″ x 20.  mount would allow easier placement of the camera
  • When you open the EZVIZ app, the ez360 pano is always in Fisheye mode. I would like to see the mode I have it set for represented here.  I am not a fan of the Fisheye view.
  • Home automation – I would love to see better support for smart hubs, even if it is just enabling other events with IFTTT.  I would like to be able to trigger the camera to record from other devices and alarms for example.

Award Time!

The ez360 Pano is very deserving of the Smarter Home Automation Awesome Award! It is a great security

Consider our Awesome Award – our 2nd highest review award – to be a 4.5 on a 5.0 scale. In other words, great product, but some room to be even better.

camera at an affordable price. It offers a great set of features.  The two way audio allows you to use it in so many entry way monitoring applications.

The quad view allows you to focus the image on 4 points of interest in one room.  All from one camera.

The live lan view allows you to use the ez360 Pano just as you would a conventional wired CCTV camera.

The ability to use the camera without an additional cloud service is huge. There are many options to choose from when it comes to security cameras. As these products will have a life span of years in your residence, a nominal monthly fee can add up.  There are also privacy concerns, being able to have all of your footage local, keeps it safe and at home.

The ez360 Pano is a great addition to any system.  It performs as a camera fantastically. The nightvision and motion detection work very well.   I believe our readers will be very happy with this product in their home.   If you are looking for an out door weather proof solution.  make sure and check out our review on the EZVIZ ezguard 1080 . Another great product from EZVIZ.

Thank you for reading this review, make sure and browse around as you work towards your perfect home automation solution.




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