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Honeywell 9000 WiFi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control:  Installation

First we’ll look at one came in the box, then it’s time to transition from the old thermostat to our new Honeywell Smart Thermostat with Voice Control.

In The Box

Of course the main thing in the box is the thermostat itself.  Also of note is a rather large power brick which we’ll get back to shortly.

Documentation consists of that excellent User Guide I previously mentioned, as well as a shorter, fold out Quick Start Guide, that quickly takes one through hooking up and basic configuring of the smart thermostat.

There’s another quick start guide, showing the different display colors/options and how to change them.

Also in the box are peel off letters and numbers for labeling the wiring.  Nice touch!

And there’s one more fold up guide, which is the one titled:  “Talking with Your Thermostat”.

Now back to that power brick.  Many old thermostats need no electricity to operate, but smart thermostats do, to power wifi, LCD display screens and, “smarts” in general.  The power brick can be plugged into the wall, and the other end into the thermostat, but that’s not exactly esthetically pleasing.  Better that the power be in the wall.

The images in the player below duplicate some of the installation and other video tours in this review, for those that prefer text and images to watching videos.  Note that first you’ll see images of the old thermostat as I removed it, in layers.  The last of those highlights the three wires coming from the heating system, but those three don’t carry the power needed for a smart thermostat.


Installing the Honeywell Smart Thermostat 9000 with WiFi and Voice Control

I was ready, got my screw drivers and anything else I thought I’d need, and the Honeywell documentation.  As you can see in the images, I removed the existing junker of a thermostat. We really hated it, because when it would come on, it would increase the heat about 5 degrees before turning off.  In other words, it had two modes – too cool and too  hot.

Off came the front of that old junker, then a few screws and the second section, and finally that exposed the circuit board and the wiring running to it from the heater.

It took me all of 10 seconds looking at the wires and their labels to realize my worst fears – no  power to power the smarts of the Honeywell.

And that folks, is when I quit!

A few hours later, I was on the internet, located a relatively local HVAC company – Dynamic Air Services here in Orange County, and called them up.  I set an appointment for the following Monday, and was told that Bill Kean, the owner would be coming out to install this properly.

In he image of the new thermostat being wired, note that there are five wires connected instead of the three on the old one.

Video Clip of Installation

This video shows the installation of the Honeywell smart thermostat.

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