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Notifi video doorbell system

Answer your door at the flick of an app when you are home or away.  The Notifi video doorbell system from HeathZenith will send you notifications every time your doorbell rings.  The smartphone enabled video doorbell will allow you to see who is at your door as well as interact with them. Enabled with a speaker, camera and microphone you can see and speak to your visitors.

The HeathZenith name may sound familiar. It has a long standing history from the Heath Company, that used to bring us those great Heath Kits and Zenith Electronics Corporation. Since the late 1980’s the HeathZenith brand has been  focused on delivering innovative products in intelligent lighting, doorbells and push buttons.

In this review, I will cover the Notifi video doorbell system. I plan to start by going through the features it offers. Then cover the installation process and how easy it was to connect to my network. I will cover the mobile app, which is ever so important in the automation world.  At the end of the review, I will summarize it up and provide key pro’s and con’s for the video doorbell system and my experience with it.

The Notifi video doorbell system

The Notifi video doorbell system is different than other systems on the market. The speaker is built into the bulb and the camera is hard wired to the bulb for power. You can purchase a Notifi system at select DIY home stores and online for $299.  The allure of being able to answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world is a strong one. Not to mention the security of being able to monitor any packages or activity on you doorstep.  The real estate on your front porch is another hot spot for home automation products.  Notifi brings an interesting solution to the mix. There are a couple all in one solutions on the market, but the team at HeathZenith has taken a different approach.  The Notifi system consists of the follow 4 items.

720p HD Camera

  • Adjustable with included mount, 22” video/power cord (attached to bulb)
  • Wide angle lens for full view of your visitors
  • Built-in microphone to interact with your visitors

LED Bulb

  • Motion activated to better see visitors ( camera senses motion)
  • Built-in speaker so you can interact with your visitors
  • Programmable and Dimmable

Wireless Push Button

  • Standard size for easy swap out
  • Easily place it any where
  • Powered by A23 battery

Wireless Indoor Chime

  • Plugs into any standard wall socket
  • Transmission range up to 70 ft.
  • 2-Note Melody

SHA Award Preview

Our Pretty Darn Cool Award often goes to products that really get the job done.

The Notifi video doorbell system has a lot of good features.  The overall performance as a video doorbell system was solid.  The installation was extremely simple. The app is good and functional.

I was happy to give the Notifi Video doorbell system the SHA

Pretty Darn Cool Award.

As you read through the review you can gain a better understanding of the features and functionality that make this product pretty darn cool.

Installing the Notifi Video System

Installation is always a little worrisome when it comes to your home. Usually there are wires involved, mounting hardware and the desire to make it look good.  The Notifi video doorbell system is really easy to mount. I was able to get it installed in 5 minutes.

Yes I did use double sided sticky tape for the doorbell button and the camera. The good news is after a few months of use, that tape is still holding strong.  Even in the wet climate of the northwest, it is staying stuck. That is important, very important.

The chime was simple to install.  You just need to find an outlet for it to live in. I plugged it in to an open outlet just a few feet in from the front door.  Its important to note that there is a range of 70′.  Which will probably vary depending on your homes construction and wall composition.  It is noted to test the doorbell button and make sure it reaches the chime before you mount it.

Getting all the pieces mounted was easy. There was no pairing involved. Nothing tricky or hard to figure out.  When installing it is a good idea to take a moment to think about where to mount the camera. You do want to be able to get the best possible view of your porch or area being monitored. You might  even think about waiting until the end to finalize the camera mounting.  That way you can adjust the view before the camera position is fixed. Although there is some pan and tilt built into the camera mount.

As everything is mounted it was time to download the app and get on with using the Notifi system. Take a look at the next page where I explore the Notifi mobile app, its features and controls, and the services offered by HeathZenith for the Notifi system.

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