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Ring Video Doorbell Home automation

The Ring Video Doorbell is a great product to help make your home smarter.  The team at Ring has done a good job at adding support for key partners.  You will find support for Amazon Echo, Samsung Smartthings, Wink Hub, ADT  security and many more.  If you do not see your product listed on their website, I would suggest a quick google.  You will probably be surprised.

Ring also has support for two power house integration apps out there. IFTTT and Stringify both support Ring and getting it more integrated with your home automation system.

I was very excited with support for the Wink hub listed on the Ring website.  After the initial setup, I made sure everything was working then connected the Ring Video Doorbell to my Wink hub 2.

The process was simple.   On the device page in the Ring app, I selected Ring+ partners. Then clicked the

Ring Video Doorbell connected to Wink hub 2.

Ring Video Doorbell connected to Wink hub 2.

Wink icon.  I followed a few prompts, entered my Wink account information and had them connected in a couple minutes.

What can I gain by integrating it into my home automation system? The ability to use the Ring Video Doorbell to trigger events.  I can use the motion sensor, a button press, or the low battery alert to cause other events to occur.

You can setup a Wink robot to turn a light on for you if motion is detected by the Ring Doorbell. You could also have the front door checked and made sure its locked.

I use the Ring Video doorbell to trigger my Arlo camera that watches the porch. To make sure it records when the Ring detects motion.

A Wink Robot will turn on the dinning room lights during evening hours if motion is detected. This way we walk into a well lit house.

Once integrated with the Wink hub 2 I did have to manage the alerts, or else I would receive two for each event.  Having these two devices connected allows me to answer the door with the Ring app, then if I need to I can unlock my Schalge lock and allow the visitor in.

There are lots of uses for the Ring Video Doorbell to be part of your smart home automation.  I do want to repeat again. In order to integrate Ring products into your smart home system, you do need to subscribe to the Ring+ service. Thats a big deal for some users.

As I was using the 30 day trial, when it ended, all of my smart home connections dropped.  When I renewed the Ring+ service for further testing, I had to reconnect them.

Ring has also declared that it will add support for the Amazon Echo Show to all of its products.  This will allow you to see who is at your door using the Echo Show.  Its as simple as enabling the Alexa skill for Ring.

It really is becoming a great automation landscape as different partners are releasing products with features that create a seamless system.

As with each section, I like to include screen shots so you will have an idea of how the mobile application is put together and organized.  You can see below the process involved in connecting a smart home device to the Ring+ system.

These screen shots depict the process for adding the Ring Video Doorbell to my Wink 2 hub.

I hope this page provides an accurate view for you to see the possibilities the Ring Video Doorbell can bring to your smart home.  It has a good feature set and a well designed application to go along with it.

There is a large amount of support for integrating it into your overall smart home.

Don’t stop here, on the next page I will summarize the Ring Video door bell and wrap up the review.

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