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Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring mobile app is your gateway to answering your Ring Video Doorbell from anywhere in the world.  You will be able to see and hear whomever may be at your door. The Ring app is also where you can view your motion events and saved videos.

Ring has done a good job with their mobile app. It is packed full of features and helpful tools to get your Ring video doorbell installed and test it should you have issues.  My favorite is the configuration for the motion sensor. I will get into this more further down the page, but its very nice and well laid out.

The mobile application from Ring is separated into 4 sections when you open it.  The sections are all activity, rings, motion, and starred.

These sections help to organize your saved videos. They are also pretty self explanatory.  The starred section is where you will find videos you have selected to save and keep around when you are deleting large batches.  You also have the ability to download videos which is good if you need to save it and send it to someone, say the authorities.

Ring does require you to subscribe to an optional service in order for you to have the ability to save

Ring offers two services in the Ring+ program. Basic and Pro.

Ring offers two services in the Ring+ program. Basic and Pro.

videos and connect to home automation partners. The service which they call Ring+ has two levels, basic and Protect.

Basic is $3 a month or $30 a year. While Protect is $10 per month or $100 dollars a year.

Each service has varying features that go with them. Take a look at the chart to the left for the full list.

The Ring+ optional service is your access to saved videos.  As well as videos from motion alerts.  You will also have access to Ring+ partners and connecting your Ring video doorbell to other home automation products.

The Ring Video Doorbell comes with a 30 day free trial of the basic service.  There is an orange bar at the bottom of the screen reminding you of your time left in the trial.
If you choose not to enroll in the Ring+ optional service, the features of your Ring Video Doorbell become pretty simple.  You can still adjust all the settings and configure your doorbell. Lost is the ability to view saved videos in the mobile application. Motion events will not automatically record a video for you to review.  The connected home portion of the Ring Video Doorbell is also dependent on the Ring+ service.

The Ring application is pretty straight forward to use. The Icons are large and features are easy to find.

Ring Video doorbell settings

Here is the device page for the Ring Video Doorbell. From here you will find an easy path to all the settings.

On the device page you have easy access to all the major settings

  • Event History, which brings you to all the stored events and their videos.
  • Device Health,  shows you the battery level, network information and firmware information.
  • Motion Settings, your doorway to configure the Motion Zones, a motion scheduled, and smart alerts.
  • Linked Chimes allows you to connect to any Ring chimes you have purchased to spread the sound of your doorbell throughout your house.
  • Shared users, where you can add additional users to have access.
  • Ring+, where you can configure your Ring Video Doorbell to work with compatible smart home partners.
  • Live View Settings is the place where you configure your live stream features and performance.

The two main sections you will want to tinker with are the Motion Settings and Live View Settings.

The Motion Settings has three sections:

  • Motion Zones, to adjust the size of the area that you want to Ring Video Doorbell to monitor
  • Motion Schedule, so you can set a schedule for when you want the monitoring to occur.
  • Smart Alerts, where you can adjust the amount of alerts you receive by changing the sensitivity of the Motion algorithm.

During my testing of the Ring Video Doorbell, I had to continually adjust the Motion Zones.  My front door is about 25 feet from the street.  I was getting motion events every time a car or a walker passed by. The motion sensor is very sensitive.  I ended up landing on a distance just over the 5′ mark, so its probably around 8′.

You want to make sure and manage your alerts. If you get to many that are false alarms, you will start to ignore them.  When a real event occurs you may not answer it and miss it all together.

The other section, Live View Settings, is self explanatory. I do recommend visiting this area so you can adjust you video settings for the best possible experience.

I kept my Ring Video Doorbell on standard and it worked great.  You do have to visit here to enable the live view.  I tried both the normal and  faster settings. They were both good.  I am not sure I noticed much difference with the faster enabled.

Take a look at the screen shots below.  They will give you a virtual tour of the Ring application and you can take a look at how its laid out and the simplicity of it.  The layout for motion settings is very intuitive and worth a look.

The Ring app has another unique feature that I have not witnessed on any other video doorbell system.

The Ring+ mission statement is as follows, Our mission is to reduce crime in neighborhoods, but we can’t do it alone. With the help of our partners, it will be easier than ever to be #AlwaysHome

Coming together to make your neighborhood more safe is a great idea.

Coming together to make your neighborhood more safe is a great idea.

Ring neighborhoods is a feature that allows you to pull together with other Ring Video Doorbell users in your area and share videos of suspicious activity.  If any of you are users of the neighborhood app, Nextdoor. Its the same concept, but only with the ability to share videos.

I enrolled in my local Ring neighborhood.  I was a little disappointed to only find 2 shared videos. One of the doorbells had a rather questionable name.  Over the couple months of use, those were the only two videos that were ever shared. They were already very dated when I joined.

Perhaps the team at Ring can look at getting some integration into Nextdoor, to allow a larger user base.  Nextdoor is even used by our local police for announcements and questions.

So far in the review, I have provided a tour of the Ring app, covered the service options and special features.   I do hope you clicked through the screen shots. Its important to know what applications have in store for the user, they are such an important part of the overall system.

On the next page I will go over the Ring Video Doorbell’s support for home automation.  This is always one of my favorite topics.

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