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This page of our Schlage Camelot 619 review discusses installing the lock.  That will be followed on the next page with set up the codes from the lock itself.  Then we will look at configuring and running the lock from our SmartThings App.  Dave, who did our Wink Hub review, coincidentally has the exact same Schlage BE469NX, so I show the process of configuring codes from his Hub’s App.  But let’s look at the nstallation of the lock now and get to that later.

Camelot 619 Installation

I don’t care to be a DIYer  anymore, rather I prefer to behave more like an average consumer, when it comes to installations and networking. Simply stated, I find competent people to do it, and pay them.  Installing this lock is no different.  I had a handyman we use remove the previous lock (the Kwikset – which he also installed – and the lock before that, too).  If it was a once, I’d do it myself, but I’m changing locks and other devices, all the time, as new gear to review comes in.

Installing the lock requires only a screwdriver, batteries, the lock, and a door with the usual standard range of cut outs found in exterior doors sold in the US.  Oh, and of course, someone with decent DIY skills or a handyman, but nothing fancy.  If you can follow instructions, use a screwdriver, and pay attention, then you can install the lock.

Schlage provides a User Guide, but they also have a shorter, very good Installation guide.


Of course you need the right sized cut out’s in your door and frame.  The Schlage lock supports a range of operation for both crossbore and backset.  This illustration from Schlage’s installation guide gives you the specifics:


Basic door specs for the Schlage Camelot 619

Works with doors 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″ thick.

Here are a few images our handyman took of the Schlage being installed.


Schlage mechanism being inserted into the crossbore, on the outside of the door.


connecting wire extends to the inside of the door, from the outer half of the Schlage lock.



Inside mounting plate. Wire from the outside section has been pulled through.


Inside the Schlage Camelot inside cover are the default codes.

Once the installation is complete, you can then set codes both manually to make use of the keypad, and also integrate the Schlage lock into your home network via you Z-wave hub.


In my case, I’m using the SmartThings Hub.  Dave, our most prolific reviewer, ended up with the same lock, but he had bought his long ago.  He uses it with his Wink hub.

On the next page I’ll run through the basics of setting up individual codes for the keypad, using the keypad, and take a look at adding the Schlage to my hub’s app.



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