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Pulse offers room filling sound, easy operation, but,  as expected, no serious bass.  Use one Pulse for mono, or two for stereo sound.

JBL Speaker and How it Works

These speakers are not surround sound types.  They only radiate sound out of one surface.  If you have them recessed in the ceiling, that surface would be the bottom surface – same one that has the small protruding LED light.

Therefore in a ceiling, the sound points down.  What does that mean to you?  Well, as with any traditional speaker high frequencies don’t have a wide angle of dispersion.

Thus, you will hear the highs best, when you are right under the light (if it’s facing down) or at least near the vertical angle.  Sengled seems to have designed the speaker cover to enhance dispersion, as you can see in all the “grooves” on the surface, but there’s only so much you can do.

And, that folks, would be similarly true if you were spending many hundreds of dollars on a single traditional high quality in ceiling speaker.

You want room filling sound?  Easy, that’s why Singled sells the Pulse as a pair of lights with sound.  Two in a room really does work!

The two speakers, about eight feet apart in the ceiling of my roughly 420 square foot theater room manage to nicely fill the room with sound.


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