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The SkyBell HD is a great piece of home security tech that allows you to always know who is at your door. Equipped with a motion sensor and an HD camera, the SkyBell HD will keep a look out while you are home or away. It even features free video hosting and no additional fees for services. It is a complete smart solution, making home security easy.

SkyBell is a US company. They do all of their manufacturing in sunny southern California, and all of the customer service and support is in-house. They are committed to empowering homeowners with more convenience and control all while delivering high quality, elegant, and easy-to-use devices. My experience with the SkyBell HD tells me we are going to see a lot of really great products from this team.

There are a lot of companies looking to place their smart products on your doorstep and throughout your house. As consumers, we need to make sure we are making educated choices on which products deserve to be part of our smart home systems, and which are worth opening our wallets for.

When SkyBell sent Smarter Home Automation their new SkyBell HD to review, I was very interested. SkyBell has been making waves and is quickly becoming one of the top doorbell solutions around.

I have added many lights, switches, and sensors to the inside of my house, but I haven’t done much to the outside. I wasn’t sure how I would fit a doorbell into my overall home scheme.

In the review that follows, I will go through my experience with the SkyBell HD – installation, setting up the mobile app, adding the SkyBell HD to my network, using the SkyBell HD and integrating it with my overall home automation system. Then, I will summarize the review, giving you a one-stop-shop to digest all tidbits of the review in one location.

One of our top awards – consider it an Editor’s Choice – or 4.5 out of 5 stars!

The team over at SkyBell have delivered a great product. It has superior performance, an expansive feature set, and segment-leading smart home compatibility. You will have to read the rest of the review to get all the details.

The SkyBell HD was a welcome addition to my home automation. With that being said, we at Smarter Home Automation are very excited to award the SkyBell HD the Smarter Home Automation Beyond Awesome Award for great quality and setting the bar that much higher for the competition!

Skybell HD Installation

One thing was for sure: I needed to upgrade my door bell with something. It was the original push button installed some 40+ years ago and secured to the brick with mortar. A previous owner even painted it. It still worked, though, despite its aethetic.

My doorbell was in need of replacement. The Skybell was a tech and aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

My doorbell was in need of replacement. The SkyBell HD was a tech and aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

As I started the install, the fear we all get before we replace something settled in. Is it compatible? Will it leave some hideous marks? Will it cover up the holes from the previous doorbell? SkyBell has a lot of documentation on their site about installation such as compatibility checklists, how to’s, videos and a lot of FAQ’s.

Like most things, I just jumped right in and began to pry my old doorbell off the wall. It came off surprisingly easy. Then, I saw the two wires coming out of the wall, which was good. The Quick Start Guide for the HD doorbell showed two wires, so I figured I was in business.

After removing the older doorbell, I had to use a flat head screw driver to flatten the surface of the brick wall. I wanted the mounting plate of the SkyBell HD to sit flush. It was great that the SkyBell HD came with everything I needed to mount it.

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There were screws, anchors, and the mounting plate. Great news – even though my doorbell was 3 days older than dirt, the screw pattern was the same as the SkyBell HD. Which meant, I could flatten the wall and screw the mount plate up without any drilling. I did insert the screw anchors into the holes in the brick wall, which allowed the screws to secure tightly.

Before screwing the back plate to the wall, I did pull the existing wires through the center hole, making sure not to let them touch. Once I had the wires through the center hole, I secured the back plate to the wall. I did notice that the fit of the SkyBell to the back plate is flush. There is no room for extra wire. Everything needs to be right up against the back plate. After placing the wires into the terminals on the back plate, I pushed all the remaining slack back into the wall. This allowed the SkyBell HD to mount flush.

Take a look at the picture viewer below for images of the installation. After going through them, you will have a good feel for what it will take to add a SkyBell HD to your front door.

Now that I had the SkyBell HD mounted, it was powering on and starting to boot. It was time to download the mobile app and begin the process of placing it on the network and configuring the features.

That is exactly what I do on the next page. As you continue on, I will go through the application setup process – getting the SkyBell HD on my network. Then we will be ready to jump into its rich feature set. I will also cover how well it performs and integrates with other home automation services and devices.

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