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Wink HUB 2 robot

Automating tasks is one of the benefits of having a smart home hub. Wink HUB 2 is a great choice for your smart home needs. Wink uses robots as a way to link your devices together and have them accomplish tasks. There are also schedules that allow you to control your devices based on time.

You can even time lights with sunset and sunrise.  If you have read the review on the first generation Wink HUB you noticed that was one of my favorite things. Come fall in Oregon its dark by 3:30 in late November and early December.  I do enjoy that my lights come on with sunset and off with sunrise.

Robots – Wink automation

Current list of Robots I use. I change and update it often.

Current list of Robots I use. I change and update it often.

As Wink has expanded the compatibility of their smart HUB, I have been able to change up my routine as well.  Wink has recently added support for Netgear Arlo devices.  They are wireless cameras that you can mount all over. Like many cameras they can sense motion.  The cameras alone bring me the ability to get a notification that they saw motion and then I can view the clip of Video that they recorded.

Once I connect them to the Wink HUB 2 a whole different level of interaction is at my finger tips.  I easily created a robot in the Wink app that allows me to control my front porch light with my Arlo camera. Now when motion is detected, my Wink HUB 2 will turn on the front porch light.

The Wink app even gives me the ability to enable this robot to run from sunset to sunrise. Turning the porch light on doesn’t do anything spectacular during the day.  This is just one of the many robots I have working in my house.  Take a look at the screen shots below and see just how easy it is to create.

I have included screen shots below so you can see just how easy it is to setup a Robot in the Wink app.  In the shots below, I setup the Robot I mentioned before, using my Arlo front porch camera to turn on my lights.

I do recommend checking out the original Wink review. There are even more screen shots of the great Wink App and installation of devices.  If you are on the fence, take a look.  Wink HUB 2 has taken that great foundation and made it even more solid.

My favorite Robots to date are below, you can see them in the screen shot above.

Someone’s Home – Sends me an alert when the Nest detects someone is home.

Automating lights Shuts the front porch light off after its been on for 30 minutes. Complements the Motion detection. 

Front porch motion light – Turns on front porch light when motion is detected.

Lock the front door – when Nest detects we are away, Wink HUB 2 will make sure the front door is locked. 

Then I have a couple to notify me based on the key code that is entered into our front door. That way I know which kid came home and when.

Shortcuts – Wink Hub 2

The Wink app also has a section where you can create shortcuts.  Currently there are two types of shortcuts. You can create your normal Wink app shortcuts, or you can create Google Now short cuts that work with Google Assistant.

Shortcuts are also how Wink is compatible with IFTTT Which allow you to automate tasks with Wink HUB 2 and devices that are not directly supported.  IFTTT will have access to all of your Wink HUB 2 shortcuts once you connect the services.

One way  I use IFTTT with my Wink HUB 2 is with a door bell. Specifically Skybell.  While not directly supported, with IFTTT  I can integrate it into the functionality with the devices connected to my Wink Hub 2. I can use it to activate a shortcut.  This could be to turn on a light or camera, lots of possibilities.

I mentioned Wink also has a fully capable set of scheduling functionality. You can go into the settings for any device and schedule activities that it supports. You can combine Robots and Schedules and create all kinds of combinations.

Here is a quick tour of the Wink app.  The software that controls your hub is important. You want it to be easy to use, flexible and offer the features you want. While the HUB is the hardware that makes it happen, the software is your tool to configure it. Take a look below for a quick screen shot tour of the Wink app.  This covers all the major areas of the app. The scheduling is done on a device by device basis. I didn’t show it here.

Compatibility – Wink HUB 2

Wink is one of the most compatible smart hubs on the market. In this review, I may sound like a parrot, that is only because of how important that is.  Compatibility means more products at your beck and call to build your smart home around.

Here is a list of most of the partners Wink has partnered with. Notice you have all the major players supported, including your choice of Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The ever growing list of support Wink partners

The ever growing list of support Wink partners

The Wink Hub 2 has many ways to bring your home together. They are always adding more functionality and more partners.  I have covered a lot so far. We went through the easy setup, the effortless transfer of devices, and the functionality here of a home automation setup.  In the next section I will provide a summary covering all of the features and information in the review so far, and bringing it together to help you decide if this could be the hub for you.

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