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Wink HUB 2 sitting on the shelf as a book.

Wink HUB 2 delivers on hardware performance.  The Wink App is also a few steps in front of the rest. Like most of us that start adding home automation stuff to your house, the main goal is, it needs to work.  Also, it needs to work for everyone. Not just the tech savvy or the person with the app on their phone.

I always work to make sure that when I have a guest come over to my house they can easily interact with my home automation within seconds. This could be simple things like having them choose back ground music, dim the lights or  lock the door.  While these things are easy when your the techno geek that is knee deep in your home automation,  it should be simple for others as well.  When I have someone house sit, I don’t want them frustrated about watching TV, turning the lights on, or scared of the glowing cylinders that talk back. It should all be a seamless part of your home.

Adding the Wink HUB 2 to your existing setup is simple and straight forward. The Wink App will guide you right through the process step by step.

Setting up the Wink HUB 2

I am a fan of the Wink App. The software team does a great job of making it easy to use as well as adding all the little touches that complete your experience.  I will get into the application more on the next page.

As with any new addition to your smart home the first step is getting it out of the box and on to your network.  As I already had a Wink HUB running things, I planned on doing this in two steps. First, adding the Wink HUB 2 to my system and seeing how it worked. Then migrating all my devices to the new HUB to see how well it does on its own.

Setting up the Wink HUB 2 was very simple and straight forward. As with most devices these days it follows the same base process. Open the app, configure the device, add it to your network, voila you are finished.

I stepped through the Wink App easily. The app giving me step by step instructions and telling me as items are completed.   I have included screen shots below so you can walk through the simple setup process. Make note of the Wink app, how clear it is on the steps and instructions. You can see by the screen shots, it only took me 4 minutes to set it up.  Not bad at all.

Getting the Wink HUB 2 was quick and hassle free. I was surprised at how well it worked. Now that it was on my network I wanted to transfer over all my devices. This can be a big hassle with some smart hubs.

I know of a couple that require you to remove all of your devices, then swap hubs and add them all to the new hub.  That is definitely a lot of work. Especially when you have several devices, schedules and automation’s setup.

The team at Wink gets another gold star for thinking the transfer process through. I included screen shots below so you can walk through the process I went through.  It was really quick. It only took about 5 minutes.

If you look at a couple of the screen shots below, you can see the time stamp. The point at which I entered my password to the point where the transfer complete screen came up was 5 minutes.  I was very impressed with the process. Very impressed.

The process was simple, you initiate the Hub transfer. The Wink app informs you that upon completion of the transfer your original Wink hub will be factory reset.  There is even a little blurb about this is a great opportunity to share it with friends and family for their home use.

At the time, I thought that was a good idea. Although,  I haven’t been able to let it go just yet.  The process, which really only requires you to enter your password and wait for a few minutes is really simple.  When it was completed all of the locks, switches, lights and sensors were transferred over.

You can see in the screen shots below, the app will show you all the directly connected devices. This would be my lights, switches and locks.  The transfer process also transferred all the cloud based items as well.  These included my Amazon Echo and 3 dots, Google Home and Nest Thermostat.  Even though I can control the Nest in the app, it doesn’t show in this section.  I believe that its because its cloud based control, not local to the hub.  Same as the other devices.  If you haven’t read those reviews, you should really check them out.

I have covered the setup and the transferring of your devices. Two very important items. Especially if you are upgrading. No one wants that to end up being a whole day task.  Read on, on the next page I will go through the Wink HUB 2 compatibility the partners wink works with, how to setup a robot and a schedule. Along with all kinds of good stuff.

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