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Wink Hub 2 on counter with app

The Wink HUB 2 is a smart hub for everyone. It is simple to setup, simple to use and reliable. All of the things you should look for when you are considering a new piece of gear for your home. If I need an IT department to get it setup and keep it running, then its not the product for me.  I may be able to get it working, but it needs to work for everyone in my household.

The crew over at Wink has built on a great thing with their Wink HUB 2. The form factor is improved, the network support is improved. The addition of a hardwired port is an option for some. The application and support continues to grow.

The Bottom Line – Wink HUB 2, its App and performance

  • Setup – Setup was easy. The app quickly auto-discovers the Wink HUB 2 and the wizard helps you configure it quickly.
  • Upgrading – If you are upgrading from the original Wink HUB, it could not be easier. 5 minutes and all my devices were transferred to the new Wink HUB 2. Even the schedules and robots I had configured.
  • Performance – The Wink HUB 2 is noticeably faster.  Controlling lights and locks happens almost instantaneous using the Wink App. This performance also seems to have carried over to Google Home and Amazon Echo support. Voice commands seem to be quicker as well.  Even though those are cloud based, Wink HUB 2 seems to be quicker.
  • Wink App – There is so much configuration in the Wink App. You can use robots to automate tasks, short cuts to integrate with other services and schedules to time things to the minute. It is easy to use and very flexible.  There are also FAQ’s and Manuals at your finger tips. For all supported products, not just the HUB.
  • Ease of use – Wink is the easiest piece of hardware I have on my smart home network.  It sits on the shelf and looks high tech. The app makes all the magic happen for you, I have not had to reboot it or touch the hardware.
  • Compatibility – Team Wink supports a huge amount of products. Google Home and Amazon Alexa, along with Go Control and so many other companies and devices.

The Award

I have had a good experience with the Wink HUB 2.  Having used a few smart hubs, they are definitely a front runner in my book.  As with all the products we review here at Smarter Home Automation, we have to look at the

One of our top awards – consider it an Editor’s Choice – or 4.5 out of 5 stars!

whole product when we deliver our award. As we rate smart hubs and bridges it really comes down to performance, stability and compatibility.

The Wink HUB 2 is one of the most compatible smart hubs on the market. The Wink app is the best app on the market.

I would venture to say the Wink HUB 2 is the fastest and most stable hub on the market as well. All of my devices have stayed connected and reliable.

Taking all this into account it is a pleasure to give the Wink HUB 2 the SHA Beyond Awesome Award!  Its blazing fast, easy to use and keeps your home automation system up and running with no effort or constant attention.

As I said in the beginning, this is the smart hub I recommend to my friends and family.  After all once you make the recommendation, you are on the hook for tech support.  Make sure and check back as we make updates to this review. I do expect a lot of good things to come from the team at Wink.

Thank you for reading.

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