Lutron Caseta Wireless Range Extender

Looking for high-end smart gear? Lutron offers three sophisticated systems for the smart home and commercial installations. The first of which is HomeWorks, their highest end, the more affordable RadioRA 2, and Caseta. HomeWorks and RadioRA 2 are typically used in custom homes and retrofits. Caseta is for “the rest of us,” as Art would say, “Those who can’t afford to drop an extra $250K+ to automate their homes.”

Lutron Caseta offers two options for home automation: an in-wall, install dimmer switch and a plug-in dimmer – both work with Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Count that as a major plus, as many smart home products that work with Alexa do not work with Siri.

The aforementioned plug-in dimmer is the subject of this video, and guess what – it has the added benefit of being able to extend the wireless range of your Caseta system by thirty feet. For this reason (among others), Smarter Home Automation Editor Art Feierman decided to experiment with his Lutron Caseta system by placing the dimmer in a waterproof casing and using it to automate his outdoor lights. Watch the video below to see the Lutron Caseta plug-in dimmer in action. We talk about the switch itself, explore the app and setting schedules, then see the light switch doing its thing. Enjoy the video!


The Lutron Caseta Review

Art has written a more in-depth review discussing the product line, and the Lutron Caseta system as a whole. He has the Smart Bridge (their proprietary controller that interfaces with a home’s Wifi router, and all the Lutron gear), 2 standard Lutron dimmers, 4 pro Lutron dimmers, 1 external wall outlet for lamp, 4 pico remotes, 1 Adapter to use a Remote as an In-wall for dual switch setup (top and bottom of stairs), 1 non-dimmer wall switch, 1 four-button remote, wall plates, and table top stands for the remotes. That’s an extensive installation!

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