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SmarterHomeAutomation is primarily a smart home/home automation website, focused on reviewing and analyzing products and industry trends.  We do not publish a print version. We also cover other markets industries, including large displays for the “resimercial”, home, and select commercial  markets

www.SmarterHomeAutomation.com was launched in 2013.

Founder and Editor (and President):  Art Feierman

Bio:  Art has been involved in “home automation” and related, for over 40 years – going back to having had an BSR X10 system in the 70s.  He also worked with DMX controllers also in the late ‘70s in designing disco/nightclub lighting in Philly  – although, not for home use).  In more modern times, he again used DMX controllers for specialty lighting in a small waterfall in his last home in CA, along with other products using Wifi, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth.  In addition to writing about the Smart Home, Art has been putting smart home/home automation in his houses going back to 2000, much of that featured within these pages.  That includes doing his home theaters with smart projectors, motorized screens and shades, programmable remote controls…
Background:  SmarterHomeAutomation is one of multiple websites Art has launched over the past 28 years.  A true “early adopter” he launched his first website – PresentingSolutions.com in early 1995 (back when there were only about 3000 dot coms in the world).  That site was the first online site to sell projectors for business and home, and a two time INC 500 company.  In 2003 he launched ProjectorReviews.com, (the name says it all), which he sold in 2020, leaving SmarterHomeAutomation the largest of his remaining websites.

The Team:

SmarterHomeAutomation relies on contractors for all the writing Art doesn’t do himself, as well use of contractors for other aspects of the business.  Three important people are associated with the website and its holding company (The Metaverse Resource LLC).
Lori Feierman:   Handles the organization, and business operations side
Nikki Kahl: Nikki has been writing for SmarterHomeAutomation – and ProjectorReviews before that, now for about a decade. She has also produced most of both sites videos and custom graphics.  She’s a talented contractor who works on many projects for multiple organizations, and is also a hard core gamer, so gets the opportunity to write pieces relating to gaming – which plug in nicely with SmarterHomeAutomation. Case in point her recent article comparing two high quality, large, gaming monitors – one from Samsung one from LG.
Ryan Staller: Ryan’s company NetOne360 has been handling our company’s SEO, Social Media, and document assembly (and before that, the same for ProjectorReviews).  Ryan also acts as an advisor, relating to online marketing.
Ryan, and Nikki, have been invaluable contributors to the success of Art’s websites over the past decade plus.
Cast of Characters:  Several other contractors have written multiple and various reviews and trend pieces for SmarterHomeAutomation over the years, but none have the long term active involvement of Nikki and Ryan.

Scope of Work:

Smart Home/Automation Product Reviews
Smart Home/Automation Product Analysis
Latest Trends re:  Smart Home
Reporting from major trade shows such CEDIA, CES, NAB, IOT Evolution, Digital Signage Expo (DSE)

Contacting Us

You can reach us at SmarterHomeAutomation.com the following ways:

Advertisers and Manufacturers – email: art@smarterhomeautomation.com
or call 949-291-2867 (see additional information below)

Readers – Visitors – the folks we write for:

We’re a small company, so that answering questions about products by phone takes a lot of resources – more than we can spare!
As a result, we do not accept phone calls from visitors to our site.  Sorry about that, we’re just not built for end user support.

But you can email us, and we’ll try to answer your questions.
Drop us an email to: reviewer@smarterhomeautomation.com

More Info For: Advertisers, Agencies and Industry Manufacturers:

Art is your primary contact. He can also be reached on his cell phone: 949-291-2867

We offer Sponsorships, as well as CPM and PPC advertising on SmarterHomeAutomation.com. In addition we offer permissions for reprints, and for pulling quotes, or using our award graphics should your product win an award.

In addition we offer a permissions program for videos. In this case, we will create a video (or two) based on our online reviews/articles, that your organization can place on YouTube, your own sites, and elsewhere on the web. These videos can also be used by your dealers, partners, used at tradeshows, and can be used by you internationally. Give me a call for more information!


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