1More Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors

1More is a high-end audio company dedicated to bringing hi-fi sound and comfort to the ears of consumers everywhere. “Quality, affordability, style and community” are always in the minds of the company, according to the CEO, Gary Hsieh. Though not technically a smart home product, Art Feierman, editor of Smarter Home Automation, has had the pleasure of reviewing the Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors. Art is an avid music lover, and rather enjoyed his experience with these earbuds. Check out his review here.

The Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors, 1MORE’s flagship product, is a high-quality, high-value product that has a unique design, made with durable materials – such as aerospace-grade metals. Unlike other headphone manufacturers, 1MORE designs these earbuds from the ground up, rather than purchasing off-the-shelf parts. The company has launched five in-ear monitors in the U.S. recently, as well as an over-ear headphone for those who dig that feel over earbuds. Let’s check out what the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors can offer us.

Audio Quality Meets Fashion

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors

The Triple Driver In-Ear Monitor yields high-quality sound reproduction for a premium audio experience with full-frequency range and low distortion. Luca Bignardi, four-time Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer, personally tunes all 1MORE products, so you know your ears are getting the VIP treatment with these buds. The earbuds have three individual driver components, meaning each driver targets a specific range of frequency – low, mids, high (or, for you audiophiles – bass, alto, treble). This allows each driver to have a specialized job, giving its all to producing top-quality sound in its assigned range. Sound expensive compared to single-driver and dual-driver earbuds? Guess again. Part of 1MORE’s whole schtick is to provide consumers with the best quality at competitive prices.


Though their focus is on making high-end, reference-quality audio products at affordable prices, their design does not suffer. The packaging itself is nothing short of fantastic, and the earbuds are stylish as well. They come in a variety of colors to suit any personality, which is a major plus. The Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors include a vast range of interchangeable ear-tips so that you can find the perfect fit for your ear. This is always a huge selling point for me, as my ears are tiny and I often have issues fitting these types of earbuds comfortably without adjusting every few minutes. These in-ear monitors feature an ergonomic design that matches the angles of your ear canal, providing comfort, and a sort of fail-safe for runaway earbuds. That’s right, they’re actually designed not to fall out of your ear.

Ever hear the horrible scraping sound while listening with other earbuds? The “stethoscope effect” becomes a thing of the past with the Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors, as they are specifically designed with their cables spaced out to reduce this phenomenon. Both attractive and of premium construction, these earbuds allow you to hear your music as the artist intended. Oh, and they come with an adjustable volume control with a built-in mic for phone calls, so no need to take these bad boys out to conduct daily business.

Availability and Pricing

The Triple Drivers are currently available on Amazon for $69.99, and the 1MORE Website for $79.99.

Products currently available in the 1MORE USA line include:

  • 1M301 Single Driver In-Ear Monitor ($29.99),
  • E0323 Multi-Unit Dual Driver In-Ear Monitor ($79.99-Pre-Orders Only)
  • EO301-C Swarovski Crystal In-Ear Monitor Dual Pack ($79.99)
  • MK801 Over-Ear Headphones ($79.99)
  • E1001 Triple Driver ($99.99-Available in Mid-January of 2016)
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