August Smart Lock Mortise Kit

There has been a high demand for Mortise smart locks in North America, and until now, property developers have had slim pickings or none at all. August Home seeks to remedy that with their smart lock solution, the August Smart Lock Mortise Kit. For those of you who don’t know, or have never heard of, a mortise lock – it’s one of the most popular types of locks in high-rise buildings, luxury apartments, and in newer construction. Mortise locks are locks that are installed in the body of the door, in a recess, rather than on the door’s surface. Some building regulations require multi-unit buildings to have only mortise style locks, which is why you’d never see a smart lock in one of these buildings, until now.

Perhaps the most interesting point about August Smart Locks is that they convert regular, “dumb” locks, into smart their equivalents. A luxury once reserved for the standard door locks found in most stand-alone-homes, August Home changes the game by bringing the technology to “dumb” mortise style locks found in many apartment buildings, transforming them into a smart lock with style and elegance without having to re-install a door handle. That’s a major plus for building owners.

August Home Smart Lock Mortise Kit

Like most smart lock companies – Kevo, Schlage, etc. – August Home’s smart locks enable its users to grant access to their home via virtual keys, remotely or from within the home. This allows pet sitters, dog walkers, delivery services, house cleaners, guests, and family to open the door with their smartphone, whether the tenants are there or not. They can also control how long the keys are active with scheduling, so none of these people can enter when you don’t want them to. Unique perhaps to August Home is that ability to convert your boring door lock into one you can control with your smartphone.

Property developers and building managers rejoice – the August Smart Lock Mortise Kit installs easily to the inside of the door, leaving the exterior door hardware intact, and allowing the use of the traditional key as well. Not only is the integrity of the door kept, building managers can control access to the building or individual units available for rent remotely via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The kit comes with a mounting plate and adapter to connect the August Smart Lock to the mortise style lock, all without replacing the hardware itself. Pretty cool.

San Francisco property owner, Yat-Pang Au, has been Beta testing the August Smart Lock in their retail and urban multi-family properties. Across the board, he’s found that residents enjoy the improved home security of the smart locks, the control, and ease of use that they offer. “As a property owner, the flexibility to offer residents shared-economy services including laundry pickup, cleaning, and grocery delivery is a great benefit too,” says Au.


For some time now, the August Smart Lock has been compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts seen in North American homes – right out of the box. The significant interest from consumers, home builders and locksmiths in using the August Smart Lock with mortise style locks spurred the company to create the kit and has since made the lock compatible with the majority of locks used in North America. Incidentally, it allows the smart lock to work with select mortise locks from Schlage, Yale and other companies that provide mortise locks. August Home aims to eventually make the smart lock compatible with all door locks.

Availability and Pricing

The August Smart Lock Mortise Kit is available for managers, property developers, and certified locksmiths for $100 each (bulk pricing available) through contacting August Home. The August Smart Lock is sold separately at $229.

For more information, visit the August Home FAQ Page concerning the August Smart Lock Mortise Kit.

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